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Readers Respond: What Can You Do if You are a GLBT Teen with a Crush on Someone Straight?

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It is really common for GLBT teens to have feelings for their friends, but what do you do if you are gay and have a straight crush?

This is a topic that has come up a lot in the community forum. As one teen says,

"I have this crush on this boy. He was really adorable and was a skater...We never really talked except over Myspace, and he claimed to be straight. I just wish that i could have him. But he keeps only going out with chicks. I want him to give me a chance! What should i do?"

Ever been in a similar situation? Share what was it like below!

Your Tips & Experiences

How do i get over...

im gay I have a crush on this guy that I met in my p.e. class he is so cute and I really liked him. We were really good friends and I was fine with just being his friend but then I got snake bite piercings and he started to talk to me less and less then completely ignore me. We share some friends and when we pass him, he says hi but not to me I tried to say hi to him once and he openly ignored me. How do I get over him I don't want to think about him anymore but its hard because we are in a summer program and I see him every day what can I do to stop my feelings for him.
—Guest SickofHeartbreak

Is he gay too?

I'm 12 years and in grade 8, I have a crush on my best friend Callan. I told him about me being confused about my sexuality and he just stared at me with a smile,anyways we sit together in every class and everyday I touch him in awkward places(like his thighs,chest,hands) and he pretty much lets me touch him,but I'm confused because I think he's gay too....Is he?Is he gay?HELP!!!
—Guest mondli

i like him?!?!?!?

so i have liked my friend for nearly two years so far and he never talks to me but when he does he makes me so attracted to him and i told one of my friends and they kept telling other people and now everybody knows!!!!!!and he knows and i talked to him about it and he wont tell me how he feels and by the way im a guy:(
—Guest its meee

i miss her

hi i need help i am 13 and bi but i have a crush on this girl who is straight. i came out of the closet and have had some girlfriends and boyfriends i have a boyfriend right now and he knows i like her she knows to.but we are alone a lot and she always moves closer to me. we madeout a couple times. i thing she likes me & were always holding hands but shes moving. should i break up with him to go out with her?
—Guest guest alli

Dream' in thy arms,

Im 21,openly gay, but I´m still a guy and act like it. He knew that. We seem to balance each other while making music and drinking. All at the same level. But it happened like it happened before. My feelings grow further than just a great friend. A few weeks ago I told him how I felt for a long time. He just told me he noticed it and was waiting for me to tell. He actually felt sorry for me. A too ideal response. I can actually talk about it. I know he´s straight. I´m not gonna try and change that. I want him to be happy even though i´ve seen him with girls who couldn´t handle his character. My problem is his responses are too ideal. He isn't even able to break my heart. I don't want to feel anything for him except friendship. I can bug him all day with my feelings towards him but he actually feels with me and sees it's hard for me to handle. I'm stucked. How am I supposed to get over someone I can use his shoulder to cry on for not having the same feeling. How am I supposed to move on
—Guest wtf


I'm only 11 years old and there's a guy who's a jock and I liked since I first layed eyes on him and I'm scared to ask him out and on the last day of school we made direct eye contact in bathroom and I wanted to ask him out but I got scared and we always touch hands in awkward moments but idk if he's gay or bi so I've been trying to find out and Proably hopeing he'd talknto me but when he does I hesitate to awnser and so its my fault i'm single and I'm out the closet to my family and must of my friends
—Guest biguy

advice. plz.?

I have this girl in my class whom I have crush on. I'm a girl too, fifteen. Although I have seen her around for more than nine years 'cause we went to same primary school, I can't really even be close to her. I try to talk to her but I'm too shy and she's usually joking or playing with her friends so it makes me uncomfortable to get close to her....... I don't even know whether she is homosexual or not. I already told like seven of my classmates about my feelings for her and they just cheered me up, wished me luck. And they give hints to her that I like her. But she doesn't really react except smiling or giggling. I wish she likes me too.....is there any hope?
—Guest lin

I am being torn apart

There is a boy... Let us just leave him anonymous... He's cute... I was his partner {as in school lab partner} but I am afraid I messed up and he won't want to be friends... It kills me every time I think of his eyes...........
—Guest ..........HELP ME..........

Well then...

I am a gay asian (gaysian for short) and I have been where you were. I fell in love with a high school buddy of mine. He made me feel so special and one day I came out to him and told him I loved him (this was after a couple of years) and he ended up telling me he was straight. Move on, like all of these wonderful people have told you. I am in college now and I am realizing just how big the world really is. It's hard, believe me, and it sucks; but as long as you know that you are doing what's best for you. Keeping yourself healthy, wise, and strong (whether that be emotionally, physically, mentally etc.) you will find that one. To quote my favorite drag queen RuPaul: "If you can't love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an amen." Hope this helps you out sweetheart
—Guest Gaysian713

I hate not knowing.

Ok so I have this huge crush who I really think I LOVE this is something I have never ever experienced. The way he looks and talks to me he blushes so much. Stares at me alot even when I notice and I sometimes feel uncomfortable lmao. Ive even looked at his junk in front of his face and he didn't care at all. I remember telling him I was home alone one day and he said "hmm you know I have your address, I could come over and we could do stuff" though he could have been joking. He sat on my lap, mooned me, showed his outline of his dick. He claimed to hate me last year but like a Hollywood chick flick that quickly changed. I dont really like labels so idc if he is gay bi straight but I think he unintentionally fell in love with me as did I. He hasn't had a gf and doesn't grind w/ girls at parties(even I do) he is the typical jock but I don't want to loose him and if he didn't feel the same I would be so hurt. I wanna tell him but idk and people think in gay so he may have suspicion.
—Guest Guest confused af

Doesn't always end bad

Hello im a 13 yr. Bi (boy) I've had a major crush on my best friend, lets call him G I met G a year ago and we did have a rough spot in our friendship for about 4 mounths, but after that we instantly became best friends again, over the past 2 mounths hes been giving me signals that he may be BI! He keeps hugging me and rubbing my leg and just making me feel important to about two weeks ago I told him that I was Bi (Hes now the only one who knows) and he turned and kissed me on the lips and said I am too :D so ever since then we have been dating, and hes the best partner a person can ask for :D
—Guest It worked

kinda ... shoked

okay so you know earlier i posted something about sol bridger ever since i posted that hes gotton a little more like affectionate towards me andlike i just wanna know if he saw it but still im not getting any help from my gblt people on this website im just like help and u guys just sit there and read it im like wtf but seriously i need help here guys girls k thats it then byee
—Guest Mr lonely


i gained my ability to sing and now i might have a chance with my crush at the talent show yay:)
—Guest yay


There is like no gay guys who live in denver :( i need someone to talk to at the least and maybe something more *is blushing*
—Guest Michael Savage

which one do i choose?

i have a crush on a hot hot hooooot who is smoking sexy guy whos name is bryan and i sat right next to in social studies and whenever i work he always gets really close to me that hes literally breathing down my neck well thats the first the second ones name is luis and hes so understanding and we make eachother laugh plus he always jokes around that he wants me and the third plus the last is angel my math partner hes really cute and he always takes my stuff that i always have to fight back for, also he doesnt say anything when accidentally touch in places that noone wants to discuss i just dont which one to choose.
—Guest idk

Your Tips & Experiences

What Can You Do if You are a GLBT Teen with a Crush on Someone Straight?

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