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Spotlight on Sexism


There are many ways that sexism hurts the LGBT community.  A lot of these have to do with sexist negative gender stereotypes that hold it is better to be male than female, coupled with a multitude of outdated views about what sexual orientation is and how it works.  

Fighting Sexism
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All About Title IX

Tile IX is a law that passed in 1972. It requires gender equality for boys and girls in any educational program that receives money from the federal government. In 2014, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, determined that the law also bars discrimination on the basis of gender identity, which many have seen as a way to offer greater protections to transgender students.

How to Talk to Your Parents

More and more teens are talking to parents about important issues in their lives including their sexual orientations and gender identities. Here are some tips for getting to that place!

Do You Care if Bands Are Homophobic or Sexist?

Some music is sexist and homophobic, but it is possible to find socially conscious music that you'll get into and which won't make you cringe when you hear it!

In Many Ways, It's Never Been Easier to Be an LGBT Teen Than Today

Despite very serious issues like LGBT teen homelessness, anti-gay bullying, substance use and continued HIV risk, I would argue that for a whole host of reasons, it is easier to be a queer teen today than it was at any other time.

How to Get Sex Education in Your School

Teens across the United States whose schools either don't teach sex education or which provide abstinence-only education are being denied important information about their sexuality. If you are in such a situation and want to effect serious change, check out these ideas for what you can do.

Why You Need LGBT Friends

There are a lot of benefits to having other queer friends for LGBT teens. Here's how to go about making some.

How Can I Convince My Mom Being Gay isn't a Choice?

A teen whose mom believes he choose to be gay asks for advice.

How Can I Convince My Mom Being Gay isn't a Choice?

You know what is one of the most upsetting things? Coming out to a parent and then having that parent tell you you have "chosen" to be gay when you know in your

I Like an Older Guy

There are a lot of reasons LGBT teens have older boyfriends and girlfriends, but this isn't always a great idea.

LGBT Teens Often Crush on Someone Older, But it's Not Always Wise to Make a Move

Lots of adults date people ten (or more) years older than them, and that is considered socially acceptable. But things are different for teens, both

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