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Spotlight on Sexism


There are many ways that sexism hurts the LGBT community.  A lot of these have to do with sexist negative gender stereotypes that hold it is better to be male than female, coupled with a multitude of outdated views about what sexual orientation is and how it works.  

Fighting Sexism
LGBT Teens Spotlight10

5 Ways LGBT Teens Can Stop Caring About What Other People Think

Do you worry about what people think of you? Are you always wondering if everyone thinks your outfit is pathetic? Do you fear that the popular kids are mocking you for speaking up in class or that your teachers just plain don't like you for being gay? But how do you get to a place where the options of others aren't more important to you than are your own? Here are some ideas!

Transgender Lives: Complex Stories, Complex Voices - Review

Kirstin Cronn-Mills's book, "Transgender Lives: Complex Stories, Complex Voices," introduces readers to seven transgender individuals with a range of gender identities. These stories work to humanize the transgender experience and will appeal to readers. But what the book does best is introduce concepts around being transgender, and explain the difference between gender identity, physical sex and sexual orientation.

Adrian and the Tree of Secrets: Review

"Adrian and the Tree of Secrets" is a graphic novel out of France that offers a glimpse into the lonely life of Adrian, a boy who retreats into books to escape the stifling world around him. Adrian lives with his strict and hostile mother and attends a severe Catholic school. Nerdy and withdrawn Adrian finds himself daydreaming about Jeremy, one of the cool boys at school. But after an encounter with Jeremy becomes known around school, Jeremy can no longer blend into the background. Though "Adrian and the Tree of Secrets" is not telling a new tale, its familiarity is a reminder that despite pride parades, and Gay / Straight alliances, there are still plenty of Adrian's out there, and plenty of Jeremy's. Until LGBT youth can expect support from their peers parents and religions, stories like Adrian's will resonate for an awful lot of teens.

5 Celebs Who Schooled Their Interviewers on LGBT Life

Everyone knows that being in the public eye means having to deal with a lot of personal and invasive questions. But no one has to field more intrusive inquires that LGBT celebs. Here is how Laverne Cox, Janet Mock, Anna Paquin, Ireland Baldwin and Angel Haze, took their interviewers and the clueless media to task for some pretty out-there misinformation.

The Before Now and After Then: Review

In The Before Now and After Then, Peter Monn introduces us to Danny Goldstein, a gay teen who has just started a new school after a recent family tragedy. The book is an engrossing read, which does a great job of telling the story of a contemporary gay teen who's identity is a key part of who he is, but not the central struggle of his life.

10 Ways to Make LGBT+ Friends

Let's be honest, a gaggle or LGBT friends aren't going to simply appear on your doorstep with a bag of chips just dying to catch the next Teen Wolf episode. So how do you make queer friends? The truth is you might actually have to do some work. But the work that is needed is totally doable, even for all you introverts out there!

5 Ways LGBT Teen Couples Can Keep the Love Alive

LGBT teens often have a lot of outside challenges to deal with when trying to make a relationship work. Between parents and friends who don't support them, a world that may still tell them there is something wrong about loving whom they love, and possibly even having to hide the relationship altogether, dating can be tough stuff. So the last thing you need is to have serious problems in the relationship itself. Here's are 5 easy ways to make sure the relationship doesn't fizzle out before its time.

All About Title IX

Tile IX is a law that passed in 1972. It requires gender equality for boys and girls in any educational program that receives money from the federal government. In 2014, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, determined that the law also bars discrimination on the basis of gender identity, which many have seen as a way to offer greater protections to transgender students.

How to Talk to Your Parents

More and more teens are talking to parents about important issues in their lives including their sexual orientations and gender identities. Here are some tips for getting to that place!

Do You Care if Bands Are Homophobic or Sexist?

Some music is sexist and homophobic, but it is possible to find socially conscious music that you'll get into and which won't make you cringe when you hear it!

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