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"Constantly Imagining the First Time," Gay and Lesbian Teens Talk About Sex


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Fantasizing About a Teacher
bored lesbian gay teens
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Canney: is a 13-year-old lesbian. She loves music, hate seafood and is dealing with, "being single, but in love with multiple straight women." Here she talks about one way this becomes a challenge.

"Everyday, I watch lesbians, like movie clips from YouTube or parts of the L Word on YouTube, since my mom doesn't know I'm lesbian.

So for the past two days my hormones have been out of control (it's not that time of the month). But it's very annoying.

Well, anyway, the other day I found this hot sex scene from the movie "Loving Annabelle" and the teacher looks so much like my math teacher it's scary!

So all I can think about is ME having that sex scene with my math teacher!!

And she's not even that attractive! All during math class today all I could think about was that sex scene and me doing my teacher. It's so annoying!"

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