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What Does "Bi-curious" Mean?


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Question: What Does "Bi-curious" Mean?

The phrase "bi-curious" refers to people who are interested in having a same gender sexual experience without necessarily labeling their sexual orientation as bisexual. Some people refer to themselves as "questioning."

The pop singer Katy Perry's song "I Kissed a Girl" is something of a bi-curious anthem.

In it she sings:

This was never the way I planned

Not my intention

I got so brave, drink in hand

Lost my discretion

It's not what, I'm used to

Just wanna try you on

I'm curious for you

Caught my attention

I kissed a girl and I liked it

The taste of her cherry chapstick

I kissed a girl just to try it

I hope my boyfriend don't mind it

It felt so wrong

It felt so right

Don't mean I'm in love tonight

I kissed a girl and I liked it

I liked it

This song caused a bit of a stir, both from those who applauded the singers' candid discussion of this subject, as well as from those who felt Perry trivialized same sex experiences and turned them into something simply designed to titillate.

That being said, a lot of teens experience periods where they question their sexual orientation or have curiosity about a same sex sexual experience. Many of these teens don't identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual and that's perfectly fine.

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