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Sex Questions

Here are a lot of gay teen sex questions.

Am I Ready for Sex?
There are a lot of things to consider when asking yourself, "Am I ready for sex?" Here are tips for teens thinking about becoming sexually active for the first time, or with a new partner.

Can a Gay Person Be Celibate?
Despite the association of GLBT people with sex, plenty gay people choose not to have sex and instead be celibate.

How Do Gay People Lose Their Virginity
Information on how gay people lose their virginity. (Hint: It's not so different than straight people).

How Do You Have Sex with the Same Sex and Is it Good to Do That?
What do same sex couples do in bed and is doing those things okay?

How Do You Have Sex with the Same Sex: Reader Advice
What do same sex couples do in bed and is doing those things okay?

I'm a Gay Teen Is My Penis Size Normal?
A lot of teens, both gay and straight wonder if their penis is a normal size. Usually, the answer is yes.

I'm a Lesbian & My Girlfriend Has No Sex Drive
A teen wonders what to do about a partner who has no interest in sex.

I'm Turned On By Gay Porn. Does That Mean I'm Gay?
A lot of interesting questions come up in the community forum, for example, a teen recently wondered if watching gay porn means he is gay.

Is Gay Sexuality Different than Straight Sexuality?
People sometimes wonder if gay sexuality is different than straight sexuality, but this question is often asked by people who confuse the terms sexuality and sexual sexual orientation.

Is It Normal to Enjoy Gay Sex If You're Not Gay?
A teen wonders if it is normal for him to enjoy sex with a friend of the same gender even though he isn't gay.

Should I Dump My Sex Obsessed Boyfriend: Reader Advice
A gay teen wonders if he should dump his sex obsessed boyfriend.

Should I Dump My Sex Obsessed Boyfriend?
If your partner wants to have sex and you don't, does this mean the end of the relationship?

What Counts as "Sex?"
Many people think that the word sex only refers to penile / vaginal intercourse. This is a very limited description which excludes GLBT people.

What Does "Bi-curious" Mean?
An explanation of a common used term for people interested in exploring same gender sexual experiences.

What is "Sexting?"
Sexting is sending sexual text messages. Here's what gay teens need to know.

What's the Deal with Masturbation?
Masturbation is perfectly health and safe and common for people of all sexual orientations.

How Long Should I Wait to Have Sex With a Girlfriend
A lesbian teen in a new relationship asks how long she should wait to have sex with her girlfriend.

How Long Should I Wait to Have Sex With My Girlfriend - Lesbian Teens…
A lesbian teen asks how long she should wait to have sex with a new girlfriend.

Is Porn Sex Realistic?
A gay teen wonders if porn sex is realistic. Typically, the answer is, no.

What to Do What a Gay Teen's First Kiss Doesn't End As Hoped?
A first kiss can be really important for gay teens. So how can you deal if the person you share yours with doesn't feel the same way?

Your First Gay or Lesbian Kiss - Share Your First Gay or Lesbian Kiss
For a lot of gay and lesbian teens, a first kiss is a really big deal. Sometimes the the first kiss is an amazing experience, sometimes it is an awkward one and sometimes it is something else altogether.

How Do Two Girls Have Sex?
How do two girls have sex? Really, however they want!

Lesbian Teen Sex Questions and Answers
Wondering how two girls have sex, or how to be safe, or when in a relationship to address the issue? If so, you sure aren't the only one! Here are some of the most common questions lesbian teens have about sex.

How Do Gay Men and Lesbian Lose Virginity - Losing Virginity When You Are Gay
Many people assume that the only way to lose virginity is through vaginal sex with an opposite sex partner, but this assumption excluded gay men and lesbians with same sex partners and simply isn't accurate. Some people think that oral and anal sex are also ways to "lose virginity," whether you are gay or straight.

Do All Lesbians Use Dildos During Sex?
When it comes to sex a lot of people have a fairly limited idea of what goes on between the sheets. For women who have sex with women, this has lead to a common assumption that all lesbians use strap-ons, or dildos during sex. And while some lesbians do use sex toys like these, others don't.

How Do You Kiss?
A gay teen asks for advice on how to kiss.

I Only Know About Sex from the Internet. How Do You Learn to Have Sex?
A gay teen wants to know how people are supposed to learn how to have sex for the first time.

Will I Lose My Virginity from Frotting?
A teen wants to know if frotting, or rubbing penises together, is a way to lose his virginity.

Is it Normal to Experiment Sexually With the Same Sex?
Teens often wonder if it is normal to experiment sexually with the same sex.

Is One Person the "Man" and One the "Woman" During Gay Sex?
A lot of people assume that during gay sex, one partner acts like the "man" and one person acts like the "woman" but this isn't actually how most people sexual experiences go.

Why Faking Orgasms is a Bad Idea
GLBT teens might think that faking orgasms can make them seem more sexually experienced or sexier, but in the long run it is only going to hurt their sexual experience.

Are Gay Men and Bisexuals Promiscuous?
Gay men and bisexuals might have a reputation for promiscuity but that does not reflect reality.

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