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Letter from a Proud Mom of a Gay Son

A Mom Shares Her Family's Positive Reactions to a Gay Child


gay son proud mom

Many parents are proud of their gay children.

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After reading about some of the negative experiences that GLBT teens have had with their parents, one mom of a gay teen felt compelled to write in about her positive reaction to having a gay child.

From Peggy:

"I've read the letters from the gay and lesbian teens who have come out to their families. It makes me really sad that the majority of their experiences have been negative and painful.

I knew my that my son was probably gay since he was a little boy. It never mattered to me. I let him play with what he wanted to play with and put no restrictions on his behavior. He has a sister that is 5 years older than him. He loved to play with her dolls and Barbies. He also liked to play with cars and trucks

I think that if most parents were honest with themselves, they would also have realized their child's sexual orientation was different at a young age. So it really surprises me that these parents react with such shock, shame and anger towards their own children when they try and come out to them.

I know there are many other parents like me that love their gay sons and lesbian daughters with all their hearts and want to be a part of their lives.

Fortunately, my son and I continue to have a good relationship. He's 18 and met someone he likes a lot while away at college this year. His new guy is a sweetheart and we also have a good relationship with him.

I wanted to write and comment that there are parents that aren't shocked by their teen's sexual orientation. My husband and I support our son, love him unconditionally and couldn't be more proud of him."

We love our son. He loves us, and we have a good family life!"

A lot of teens are afraid to come out to parents, and while this fear is justified too much of the time, it is also great to remember that there are more and more parents out there who embrace and welcome a gay child, just as they would a straight child.

If your parents were supportive when you came out, you can tell us about it here!

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