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What Lesbian Teens Need to Know

Important Info on Everything from Sex & Health to Dating & Lesbian Culture


Are you a lesbian teen wondering about your health, sex life or how to meet people? Have you been thinking about getting involved with the lesbian community? Are you concerned about homophobia or your rights? If so, this is the place to find information!

1. Lesbian Life & Community

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Lesbians are women who are romantically, and / or physically attracted to other women. Being a lesbian, or gay woman, is one sexual orientation.

2. Am I Too Young to Know I'm a Lesbian?

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A common question from girls who are questioning their sexual orientation is, "Am I too young to know I'm a lesbian?" In general the answer is, no. If you are attracted to other girls, it's common to wonder if you are a lesbian, bisexual or "going through a stage." But that doesn't mean that a teen is "too young" to be certain that she is a lesbian.

3. What Makes Someone a Lesbian

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There are no definite conclusions as to what makes a woman a lesbian. But there are a lot of different ideas about the causes of sexual orientation, some of which come from lesbians themselves.

4. If a Girl Kisses Another Girl Does That Mean She's a Lesbian?

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A lot of teens experiment with same gender experiences. Sometimes this means that the teen is gay, lesbian or bisexual. But sometimes it doesn't.

5. Lesbian and Bisexual Teens Talk About Coming Out

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What's it like to come out? Well, it's different for everyone. Here lesbian and bisexual teen girls share their coming out experiences. Some will make you smile, others might make you sigh. But just remember whatever the process, they all got through it!

6. Interview with Sabrina, the President of a GSA

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Gay / Straight Alliances are just that: a group of people of any sexual orientation or gender identity who come together for support, education and socializing. I had a chance to interview the President of one New York chapter, 19-year old Sabrina.

7. Can Lesbians Get STDs?

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Here's the deal: Anyone can get a sexually transmitted infection. Infections are spread through sexual activity. They don't care if you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans or straight.

8. A Lesbian Graphic Novel

lesbian comics
Image (c) Megan Rose Gedris
Megan Rose Gedris has created a number of lesbian comics including Yu & ME: Dream about Catholic school teen lesbians and first love.

9. Alison Bechdal: Lesbian Cartoonist

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Alison Bechdel is well-known for her long running comic, Dykes to Watch Out For, a strip about the intersecting lives of a group of lesbians. She is also the author of, Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic, a memoir in graphic novel form.

10. 5 Lesbian Musicians to Watch

Beth Ditto of the Band, Gossip
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There are a lot of lesbian musicians around. You might not hear them all on top 40 radio shows, but these five are worth checking out!

11. Yo Majesty: Lesbian Hip Hop

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Yo Majesty refers to itself as the only openly lesbian rap group and was called "antidote to a quarter-century of sexist, homophobic rap" by Boston.com.

12. Tegan & Sara: Lesbian Twin Singer Songwriters

Tegan and Sarah
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Tegan and Sara Quin are lesbian twins who also happen to be singer songwriters from Calgary, Alberta. Their music has also been featured on shows like Veronica Mars, The L Word and Grey's Anatomy.

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