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Why Are Some People Gay?


gay couple

gay couple

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Question: Why Are Some People Gay?
Teens often wonder, "why are some people gay?" No one knows for sure, but evolutionary psychologists have just come up with a new theory that offers a possible explanation.

Most professionals agree that sexual orientation is a core part of a person that cannot be changed. In fact, many people believe that partly this is because there is a genetic component to sexual orientation.

But what a lot of people still wonder is why are some people gay? Plenty of gay men and lesbians are parents. But since a same sex couple can't reproduce together, the question of how homosexuality fits into an evolutionary model (where the those that reproduce and pass on their genes are most likely to survive and thrive) has remained.

Now two Canadian evolutionary psychologists think they might have an answer: kin selection hypothesis.

As Science Daily explains, "What that means is that homosexuality may convey an indirect benefit by enhancing the survival prospects of close relatives. Specifically, the theory holds that homosexual men might enhance their own genetic prospects by being "helpers in the nest." By acting altruistically toward nieces and nephews, homosexual men would perpetuate the family genes, including some of their own."

Whether or not this theory eventually gains widespread acceptance remains to be seen. But it is interesting to consider nonetheless!

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