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Who Did You Come Out to First?

GLBT Teens Talk About Their Initial Coming Out


Who Did You Come Out to First?

Coming out will be different for everyone. And while some teens come out by changing their Facebook status or making an announcement in school, most kids choose one or two people to tell first.

Here a few teens share who they initially came out to, and how the experience turned out.

Coming Out to Mom

Twilight is a 17-year-old from England who likes Manga and Johnny Depp. He says:

"I came out to my mother first 'cause I knew she was open minded, and she was!"

Coming Out to a Teacher

AKsr, is a 13-year-old who likes the Hunger Games series, Lady Gaga and the TV show House. He says:

"I first came out to my orchestra teacher. She was one of my favorite teachers of all time, and she was just someone I trusted. I saw on her Facebook profile that she was "Very Liberal" so I figured she was a safe bet. Turns out she was. Though she didn't respond to my message until I was out to a bunch of people, she was very accepting and wanted to know if I was ok. I miss having her as a teacher, she left my school this year.

Coming Out to a Cousin

20-year-old HoneyBee is a bisexual college student. She is into sports and magazines and trying new foods from different cultures. Honeybee recalls:

"My cousin came out to me, and later I told her first. She was totally cool with it. It was funny, I was all like "it's ok just be you," when she came out. Then the tables turned and she helped me. I'm forever thankful!"

Coming Out to a Friend

15-year-old Mikey likes Eminem, hates heavy metal and will watch any movie as long as it keeps him awake. He says:

"I first came out to my friend Phoebe. She was really excited about it. I told her to tell no one, but she ended up telling her boyfriend, Jake, and he was fine with it. Even to this day I call him for advice etc. After that, we slowly started telling people we knew we could trust and they were cool with it. But when I told my friend Sam, he looked at me, shocked, then the bell rang for the end of school. The next day, he blurted it out to the whole science class and everyone stood up for me, but now the whole school knows. I'm kind of happy he did what he did though, because although people keep coming up to me and asking if it's true, and what I have done with other guys, I can be myself in school and nobody cares, and now I'm like 50 girls gay best friend(lol)."

Coming Out to a lot of People in a Short Time

14-year-old BenB is a Cancer whose personal motto is, Life MUST go on!! He explains:

"When I came out, which was in January last year, the first person I told was my closest friend and then we went to see my youth worker together, which was pretty funny but very serious. Then I told all my friends and before I could control it the whole world (well, school) knew. It was very hard but I pulled through, but then I started to get bullied so I had to tell my form tutor who then told my head of year and she put support in place for me like weekly meeting with her my form tutor and my support worker that she got me. Now I feel so much better and I now have a lot of friends and mates to support me."

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