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Everyone Was Supportive When I Came Out

For One Lesbian Teen, Friends & Family Were Excited & Happy When She Came Out


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Coming out can be a great experience when you have supportive friends and family.

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SerpaSas is a 16-year-old Canadian lesbian who is into musicians like Amanda Palmer, and authors like Joyce Carol Oates. She claims to eat, "Anything edible that doesn't take more than 7 minutes to have in front of me and doesn't come in a can," and describes her style as, "slightly butch-over-femme. Like, heavy leather jackets over a dress."

Here she talks about what it was like to come out in a supportive environment where almost everyone has acted positively to her news!

My aunt is gay. Her and her partner were always my favorite family members (besides my parents and sisters). Although my mother never actually said she's bisexual, she's said things about having girlfriends. When I was ten, she literally kicked someone out of our house for making a gay joke. For a year before I came out, she would ask me 'Are you gay?" at least once a month. When I did come out, she said, 'Awesome.'

A day after I came out to my mom, I came out to my best friend. I sent her a text saying, "I'm... a... lesbian." She texted back (we weren't in the same province, otherwise I wouldn't have had this over text) "Okay. That's what you needed to tell me? I thought you were going to tell me you lost my bathing suit!" (I didn't lose it, actually, it was hanging in my bathroom, drying).

Then I told another friend. She actually said something homophobic right before I came out, and then she started backtracking... it was kinda funny.

The next time I told someone I was gay, I actually told four people, one of them being my little sister, the other three would eventually come out themselves as LGBT a couple months later.

Then I accidentally came out to a friend, because I thought I had told her. We were out with my dad, who I wasn't out to (divorced parents miss all the good stuff), and I turned to him and said "So, remember, my dad doesn't know I'm gay."

Her: -blinkblinkblinkblink- You're gay? What?

Me: Oh, oops. Didn't I tell you?

Her: No!

Me:... sorry.

When I did come out to my dad, he said "Whatever makes you happy." then changed the subject. That's how we talk, me and my dad.

There was also a guy friend who asked me out. Or, actually, asked me to ask him out.

Him: -out of nowhere- If you asked me out, I would totally say yes, you know.

Me: -confused- Uhh, random, much? And I wouldn't ask you out 'cause I'm gay. Pass me the blue paint?

I told the girl I'm going out with this week by pointing at myself and saying "Gay."

Though we often hear about some pretty negative reactions teens get from friends and family after coming out, SerpaSas' experince is a great reminder that there are actually a lot of supporitve people and GLBT allies out there!

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