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Coming Out: When is the Right Time?


A lot of teens consider coming out and want to know how to come out and what to expect if they do. But coming out is a big decision for teens, and there are many things to consider. Sometimes it can feel like there is a lot of pressure to come out. So it is important to remember that while coming out will be a great decision for some GLBT teens, for a variety of reasons, it just isn't the right decision for everyone.
  1. Deciding to Come Out
  2. Coming Out Tips
  3. Risks and Benefits of Coming Out
  4. Questions About Coming Out
  5. Coming Out Experiences

Deciding to Come Out

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Deciding to come out can be one of the more challenging life events for GLBT people. Coming out should be something a person does after careful consideration and thought, and not something a person feels pressured to do. Asking yourself if you are secure in your sexual orientation or gender identity, and if there is someone you know will be supportive, are two good starting questions. But there are many more things to think about as well!

Coming Out Tips

Should you yell your identity from the rafters, write a letter to your parents, or post a coming out announcement on your Facebook page? There's no one way to come out that will work for everyone. But there are some ways to come out that seem to work better than others!

Risks and Benefits of Coming Out

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Coming out can be scary. Families and friends may react badly and homophobia is a real issue that a lot of teens face. As a result, there are many common concerns that teens have about coming out. However, coming out is also very freeing for a lot of folks. Plus, once you are out you can feel more confident meeting other GLBT teens and participating in GLBT community life.

Questions About Coming Out

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GLBT teens have a lot of questions about coming out. Some wonder when to do so. Others are curious about what exactly to say or who to tell. And plenty want to know if they can just avoid coming out altogether.

Coming Out Experiences

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Coming out is unique to each individual. Some people have wonderful experiences. Others face real challenges and hostility. However, most teens who decide to come out explain they don't regret the decision!

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