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Anal Sex

Many people have questions about anal sex.

5 Anal Sex Myths
When it comes to sex, one of the most misunderstood practices is anal sex. As a result there are a lot of myths about this perfectly normal sex act

All About Anal Sex
Does anal sex hurt? Is it more risky than other types of sex? Do all gay men have anal? Find out the answers here!

Do All Gay Men Have Anal Sex ?
A lot of people assume that all gay men have anal sex. But while some do. Plenty don't.

Does Anal Sex Hurt?
"Does anal sex hurt?" Not if you do it right!

What Are Sodomy Laws?
People often assume the term sodomy refers to anal sex between men. In fact, it is an old term that was used Biblically to refer to oral and anal sex. As a result, numerous laws existed prohibiting this act.

What is Barebacking?
Barebacking is unprotected anal sex (without a condom) between men.

Irrational Anal Sex Fears
Many people have irrational anal sex fears that can easily be cleared up by a little information.

Can Internal, or Female, Condoms Be Used for Anal Sex?
"Female" or "internal" condoms are non-latex polyurethane pouches that are designed to be worn in the vagina during vaginal intercourse. However, this type of condom can also be worn in the anus for protection during anal sex.

Alternatives to Anal Sex
Many sexually active gay teens do not have anal sex.

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