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Your Thoughts On: "I Kissed a Girl"

By September 1, 2008

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Last month, I asked teens what they thought of the Katy Perry song, I Kissed a Girl.

Here are some of their responses:

momo said:

I had mixed feelings about this as well. The first time I heard it, I was offended in a way for the same reasons you gave. Experimentation can be a good way to learn about yourself and your sexual preferences but the way she described it was just catty. Itís more of a bi-curious poppy little anthem than anything I could really take seriously. Itís great that the idea seems acceptable to so many people but her attitude towards the nameless girl in the song seemed too cruel.

Sarah said:

When I first heard it on myspace, I was like ďYeah, okay. This song is cool.Ē But when it got massively overkilled on every radio station I began to have doubts about its sincerity. While Katy Perry is certainly hot, it seems like sheís making light of bisexualism / lesbianism and is even making fun of it. She has another song entitled Ur So Gay while the lyrics of her songs are catchy and snarky, it doesnít mean that sheís into it for real.

Britney said:

I think its a cool song its not like its real. I mean not every song is meant to mean something!

Tanya said:

If this song was written by a [woman who was] naturally lesbian, the whole world would be up in arms because of it.

Melinda said:

I don't agree with the message in this song. Katy Perry used to be a religious musician, and now she thinks itís okay to toy around with lesbianism, [as] if itís.. tahee-hee ( just a joke ). That makes society numb to the real issues that gay and lesbian teens face each day. Itís okay for society to play gay for a day and gay bash all at the same time as long as itís being done by people who know they arenít really gay. Thatís bull***. This song is a turd. They are taking melodic electronic pop and hushing it over alternative pop-rock, to get everyone from the hip hoppers to the rockers to at least admit its catchy, yes its a smart pop move in music and of course the industry only cares about dollar signs. But i betchya next time a real gay comes along with a hit, don't expect the round of applause from the world in all corners.

Think anything was left out? Feel free to add to the discussion!

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