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Readers Respond: How Do You Have Sex with the Same Sex & is it Good to Do That?

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I regularly run workshops for high school students. At every session I collect and answer anonymous questions, submitted on slips of paper. Here's one I got recently: "How do you have sex with the same sex, and is it good to do that?"


good i agree you is good to do that you feel free to do
—Guest yusuph

As long as your in love, u cant go wrong

I know society might make gay sex out to be a bad thing but thats bull. two people of the same gender making love is a really sweet thing. and when your ready to have sex with the same gender:make sure that both u and your sex partner feel the same way about eachother, use lube(or else suffer the pain of friction) use protection, and most importantly just take it slow! no one said u had to rush the process.
—Guest Caring One

Sex is Sex

Sex can be a beautiful if it's done the right way, and the right person is someone you like. And if you don't feel comfortable having sex with a specific type of people, why force yourself to? If you prefer men, have sex with men. If you prefer woman, have sex with women. If gender isn't a problem to you, have sex with whoever da hell you want to! And please, the best way is to be SAFE.
—Guest TheQueerPrince

How girls' feel about this...

Well... I've been with this chick for about a year now (we both girls), I've asked her about how she feels about it and when will we give it a try. 1stly, she's never dated a girl before I'm like her first and she really was into guys (which makes it more difficult) She said we should try it but since I know her very well, I knew she didn't mean and she was very nervous. I let it go at that time. A few months later, she visited me, we were in the blankets together, then I asked her if we can do it now? She said no way!! So with girls, they worry more about what the other girl will think of certain things and parts... Eg. shaving & stuff...! Meanwhile, they know that with guys it wouldn't be that much of an issue coz most guys don't shag and share. Plus, they don't know some things that a girl should do & don't with her pvt parts
—Guest Anonymous


I've read all the responses and comments. I too have a girlfriend who I love very much and I do believe there's nothing wrong with us having sex. It's our right basically, we're in love, and we are very close and having sex is something that we're gonna do because we wanna share love and have sex like other couples do, me and my girlfriend are people too, the only thing different is that we're attracted to our own sex and there's nothing wrong with that now, is there? =D
—Guest Shannon

Just do what you like to do

Gay, lesbian, and straight sex are not all different types of sex, each one might have some unique positions but they all use similar positions. Trust me, you'll just have to experiment and see what positions you like best. And remember, always practice safe sex :)
—Guest Bryan

Sex is sex

gay, lesbian, and straight sex are not all different types of sex. Each one does have a unique position to it but they all do use the same positions. Just do what you like to do, and experiment. Trust me, the only way to know how to have sex in a certain type of way is to try it. And remember always practice safe sex :)
—Guest Byan

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