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Readers Respond: GLBT Teens, Which Ignorant Comments Do You Find Most Irritating?

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As any member or a minority group can tell you, being outside the mainstream means you are likely to encounter a lot of annoying and ignorant comments. For gay and lesbian teens this can result in assumptions made by people who may or may not realize how homophobic or just plain off base their comments actually are. Which comments really get under your skin? Let us know here!

Socratic seminar.

In one of my recent classes, the topic of "are gays born gay, or is it a choice they make" came up. Oh dear sweet god. The comments I heard. "They just choose to be gay for attention!", "It's disgusting. I don't want to see two guys kissing in front of me." "Gays have a mental disease." It was obvious to me that they were regurgitating the bullshit their parents told them, but god. Be and adult and have your own thoughts. I'm a lesbian dating a ftm transgender, and the topic of "Should Ms. Canada be allowed in the pageant?" came up right after the former. This really hit me hard because of the terrible things they said about my boyfriend indirectly. "That's disgusting.", " The fags should be thankful for the body god gave them.", "They must be confused. God wouldn't give them the wrong gender." If god wanted all this to be easy like that, we wouldn't be bullied in the first place.
—Guest Mells

Your not gay..

I am a lesbian and this is what an ignorant "man" said to me " Your not gay, Your probably going through a phase because you havent met the right guy to show you the right way... how do you know if you've never had a c*** before" -Ignorant Asshole!
—Guest Natalie

So when did this happen?

I hate when i tell ppl im bi n then there like "o really so when did u turn bi? Lik wtf when did u turn straight?
—Guest Fairy dust

″Your to young to know.″

Seriously!?!? Why would I tell you im lesbein if I wasnt sure!?!?
—Guest Maria

Be a man!

I REALLY REALLY HATE THIS ONE. First: your defenition of being a man is going down on the first girl that offers her services & completely giving up on life to stay in the town you were born in for the rest of your life. Second: what really makes someone a man is the inner qualities they have and the confidence they show and the respect they give to everyone, even the unnapreciated. Loving the same gender doesnt make you any less of a man, instead, its honoring who you are and others like you.
—Guest countryboyatheart

Are you Bi\Les?

I hate it when a complete stranger who I have never seen in my entire life walks up to me and asks. I won't lie but its my and my friends and families business not theirs!!!
—Guest Biz


Okay so when I talk about lesbians, gays, or bi people to my family they all just shut down. I was trying to get them on the subject so I could tell them that I am Bi. My brother will say "it's unnatural!" My dad will say "I dunno I probably wouldn't be able to take it if one of my kids turned out to be gay." And like I said my grandma shuts down. What do I do?
—Guest J-Girl

Heres one u might not have heard:QUEERMO

if you havent heard queermo by now, its a different sounding and supposedly funnier way to say the word queer. i hear people saying "Your a ***damn queermo!" it doesnt happen often but when it does it just reminds me how predjudice is evolving.

"Who cares who you sleep with"

I hate when someones trying to defend me and they say that as if my (non existent) sex life should ever matter. I wish people would stop focusing on gay sex and start focusing on love. My sex life isn't ever going to be impacted by someone else s' ignorance, but my future wife and our children are going to be. Ever time I try to defend myself it's not just for that moment, with that person, it's for my future. Some day my (future) children are going to be hurt by someones comment about our family and defending my (future) wife's' and my sex life isn't going to help. I really don't care if someone doesn't like who I sleep with, its what they think about who I love that counts and what really hurts.
—Guest anon

How do you know?

The first few times I was asked this, I explained the best I could (although there isn't exactly an answer to that which can be put into words for me). Then, I started asking them how they knew they were straight. Now I just bang my head against any nearby walls/tables/trees.

Witty Gay-One Liners

Other than the ones I constantly make, the ones that the typical "jock" stereotypes make about having sex with each other, lusting after each other, etc. in a joking mannerism kind of drives my anger point closer to the hammer. I understand that yes, it is a joke, and also they are unaware of any gay presence in the room, but I hate how "gayness" is so readily duplicated and yet so quickly scorned at the same time. And seriously, they call ME a homo...
—Guest Mark

You Seem Straight

I hate when people say that I am not gay because I 'seem too straight.' I am a boy who does not have a 'gay accent,' and I love fishing and skateboarding. It doesn't matter, all that makes me gay is that I like boys, I don't have to like shopping or Lady Gaga or lattes or anything. These people are just relying on stereotypes. It's like saying someone is not black because they are not good at basketball. WTF?
—Guest Neil

Adam and Eve Not Adam and Steve

Doesn't this line get a bit old after awhile? It's the sound of a homophobic christian voicing their hate in the form of a cliche without any explanation. If they want to hate us can't they at least express their hate in their own words?

If u have sex with a man you'll like it

My mother sometimes tells me that I can't know my sexual orientation until I have sex. This bothers me because the statement implies that sex is all that goes into a healthy relationship. It doesn't matter if you love the person or if your compatible all that matters is if sex fells good. And hearing her say that makes me feel sick. I love men, but not usually in a romantic sense and very rarely in a sexual way. I don't know how to tell her I picture myself with a women.
—Guest Lyrie


oi gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i wanna shoot people who do that because some are sensitive about issue and are just being mean and intollerant for no reason
—Guest cockney
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