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Readers Respond: What is Love? Here's What Gay and Lesbian Teens Think...

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How do you know if you are in love? As one teen writes to the forum, "It is very hard to know for certain what love is... one can try to understand it, one can believe they have it, but how does one truly know they have it or understand it? IT'S SO CONFUSING!!!! I would like to know how everyone would define LOVE."

Can you help him out and share what you think of "love?"

What's Your Definition


Love is so difficult to actually pinpoint. For some people they can put a price on love. I personally can't put a price on love. I can just think of two people who say they are in love, gay or straight, and I know what might happen. That one of them may cheat and it may break the other one's heart. Or that both of them were cheating on each other and they are just going to go their separate ways. The thing is love is hard to find. There is only one person in the world who is exactly right for you. But think of this, there are many more people out there that are close to that. Love isn't getting what you want. Love is compromise and being able to get through it. For myself I doubt that I'll ever find anyone that's right for me, but if I do then I'll cling on like it's the only thing in the world. Because that's what it really is, the only thing in the world. We as humans need interaction, love. It's vital without it we wouldn't be able to go on with our lives and we'd just go crazy.
—Guest Stephen

Love is.....

a verb. Love has to be taken care of. It's not just a feeling. It's a constant action of puting someones needs and wants before your own. Many people think of it as a warm feeling in the heart or a want to be with someone. But love is much more complex and stable than that. I believe that this is why so many relationships end badly. Base love on a long term, selfless and respectful idea, and much much more will come of your relationship.
—Guest Gg

im n love

love is when you and your partner connects in every way no matter the flaws or the ups and downs you go through if you feel good being with that person then you are in love....... i luv M.A.M
—Guest M S=


LOve is YOU :) Homer abaday Jr. HAHA. Ikaw ra akoo :P Bleeh. Masuya, Ma dead! . Togshhhhhh. Bebg! )XD LOL Hahaha
—Guest princess aidyl

Love is...

Love is when you're breath-taken by even the slightest hint of their face . When you hear the word love your lovers face should be the first picture in your head . Maybe you could try and focus and majority of the time it works but when your bored of just thinking they'll most likely cross you're mind . Also you know your in love when you feel life has purpose and their the reason why even on a tired day you get out of bed in the morning in the hopes of seeing them soon . Love will always keep you guessing what it is that intoxicates you . You'll even question it at times wondering if it's even possible to fall this hard . And at the same time you'll be scared to lose it so you try so hard to be your lovers dream woman/man . Never giving up will make you stronger and together you feel like the world's hate is nothing but a test of your true faith in what you have being real . And that....that is what will keep that insatiable flame rekindling day after day...THAT.....is love .
—Guest AbbyGirl

I know! Pick me! Pick me!

Love is not a feeling or an emotion. It is the conscious decision one makes to sacrifice and devote oneself to caring and standing beside another person for as long as you live, NO MATTER WHAT.
—Guest Kat

love to me is....

im a 23year old fella and i am in my first ever proper gay male relationship from i came out 7months ago. me and my bf have been together almost 3months and have been more or less living together as civil partners from the beginning of our relationship. for me love is wanting 2 spend as much time as possible with him. trusting him. making him happy. comforting him when hes sad. being there for him anytime he needs me. and having him do all those things for me. feeling secure, respected, and comfortable with eachother when alone and with other people. looking out for eachother and defending eachother if need be. love is that one person u want 2 be with forever and ever no matter what!!!
—Guest kirkieboi

Love is..

Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it is not proud! Love is intensely strong that the soul can't contain.. "GOD loves you.."
—Guest Daphne

Ah, Love.

Love, for me, was when I met him, and could see, as if it was already happening, the two of us being together for life. Just thinking about the one you love will bring a smile to your face, and talking to them will always brighten up your day. You'll want to share joy and sorrow, anything and everything, go everywhere, tell everyone! Maybe. Maybe that's love.
—Guest Poage

what love is

Love, to me isn't the "can't eat, can't sleep" feeling. It's having an overwhelming feeling of happiness come over you just watching them walk your way. It's catching yourself smiling when all you're doing is listening to them speak or kissing them. Love is understanding you are two seperate individuals and respecting the other's schedule and giving them space - because yea, you want to see them every minute but you know it's for the best to have a little distance. Love is trust. Sure, you can think or suspect things every now & then, but you know deep down that they would never do that to you, or the relationship. Lastly, love is being faithful because you know no one, no where at any time can make you feel like your boyfriend/girlfriend does.
—Guest mariah

Lol love

Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww, it's undescrible!!!!!
—Guest Gracie Lou

mmm its unexplainable . . . .

First of all, love is all we need, without love, one is lost, without love, one is not complete, without love one is confused, and without love is nothing. love is something that comes from within, it comes from da heart, and only da heart can tel u if its love u have for someone, never mistake love wth lust,coz love dsnt take one day to develop, it dsnt take two days, or 3 weeks, it takes time. love is da food of one's soul, real love is unconditional, and it dsnt matter wat kind of love it is, weda its gay, straight, or bi, so long its love
—Guest jacqui-gal


Love is the feeling that makes everything else melt away. It leaves with the warmest, and the soft mushy insides. When you love someone you can't even imagine what life would be like with out that special person. Love can sometimes only go one way, and this can tear you apart, becareful and remember to always love yourself.
—Guest Redredwine


LOVE is not a feeling itis a emotion U have to learn ow to use it .....
—Guest higgie

Trust the universe to do right by you

Love is two people gay or straight feeling a deep pounding in their hearts and choosing to act on those feelings. Staying together through all the turmoil and predjudice, and having every kiss feel like the first one. The two of you settling down someday and maybey having your own children. And then you look your lover in the eye and think "yeah...im glad i was born this way".
—Guest your true friend

What's Your Definition

What is Love? Here's What Gay and Lesbian Teens Think...

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