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Readers Respond: What Can You Do if You are a GLBT Teen with a Crush on Someone Straight?

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I love my ex-best friend.

For the longest time I had a crush on this kid. I was 12, and he was a year younger than me. I had this overwhelming feeling that I wanted to be his best friend. Each time he talked to me, I got very nervous, and he knew me as the very shy kid. In high school though, we became very close friends, the closest ever. He and I would playfully wrestle on the front lawn, tickle each others' feet, spray each other with a hose... all that playful childish nonsense. But one day he found out that I liked him by reading an email after I left myself logged into his computer. He then began to estrange himself from me, and didn't talk to me for the longest time, which put me in a state of depression. Overall, he's spoken to me again since then, and he's been nice, but something's weird. I sense that he both wants to, and doesn't want to be my friend. One day he'll be really happy to see me, and the next he'll feel like I'm creepy. Is he confused maybe?
—Guest Pvt.Snowball

Just Like Everyone Else

I think I'm gay too (I'm 12) and I don't know how to tell kids at school I'm gay. There is one kid who is just SO hot - not a flaw I can find - and it just sucks how he's not gay. Sometimes I just wish a was straight.
—Guest LifeSucks


I have this super sexy straight friend named Isaac... Idk if he's gay but like I said he super SEXY!!!!!! I'm 13 and I don't want to ruin my reputation at schol by asking him out :-( I would get ridiculed if people knew I was gay so what should I do
—Guest J

Don't try to change straight guys

As a gay person, how do you feel when people try to tell you that you should be straight? Well it's just as objectionable for a gay person to try getting a straight person to be gay. If you feel that you are gay, and people should just accept that, how can you not show straight people the same consideration. If you have a crush on you're friend who considers himself to be straight, you should not pursue it. Respect his feelings, the same as you expect people to respect yours. If you ever want gay rights to have the same civil rights as everyone else, you should not be trying to convince straight people to give being a gay a chance!!
—Guest John


......unfortunately i had to leave ny :( beacuse of rent being to high, etc... he was not thrilled about it, he looked almost mad, but he said you are giving up on acting? which i was not, it was too comlicated to saty there... i liked him so much and still do, only by looking at his eyes made me tremble, i have him on fb, but he wont respond my messages anymore like he used to....:( ....i do like him, no one has ever made feel so special in my life..... Louis will you marry me :)...lol
—Guest Markie


I moved to New York to try out acting, in the process of finding a job and a place i met this trainer in a gym i worked for, evrything seem great when i talked to him, he was also an actor, and we connected in so many aspects, the gym i worked for was a gay gym , the owners and almost evryone that went there were know to be obviously gay, but he was not out...he gave me one time this hint, when i asked him what did he do in the weekend and he tld me he went to the miami white party, this gay even evrryone was talkin about when i was there, and i asked him how did it go, and if he liked it , he told me , it was ok since that wasnt his scene he likes more conservative people, and i behave that way :) ..he asked me to be his roomate... but it was so hard to find a place in common , that we never became roomates... so i never got to hang out as much i would have liked, i really found him so attractive, he always complemneted me on my clothes n looks n style, n body when i worked out...
—Guest Markie

I told a guy i love him

i am 12 and i told my best guy friend that i love him what should i do? im confused but he says he doesnt like me that way and that our friend shipi s to big for us to go out and things like that. but i maybe to young to know what lov e is but i know this feeling isnt normal.. what should i do?
—Guest NeedsMajorHelp

(I hate character limits)

Abi began attending my school when we were 13. I was happy, since I didn't really have friends at the time and she was very outgoing. I quickly realized that she was the most amazing, brilliant person I'd ever met. I knew I had a crush on her. I'd never given thought to my sexuality before, so it was unnerving for me. Especially since she made anti-gay jokes, along with all my other friends. I lived with it for three years, happy just to be friends. Then, she moved out of state. I lost it, I couldn't sleep and I was hurting myself. I finally just disconnected from her mentally. I refused to think about her, and I delved into other dead-end crushes. She came back for the first days of 2010 and we talked until the sun came up. She confessed she sometimes had feeling for girls. NOW she tells me. When I didn't have enough time to muster up the courage to tell that I'd wanted her for almost four years. I regret not telling her since whether she rejected me or not she'd leave Monday.
—Guest Shoot me

love hurt'sz

well to say honestly i have liked this kid since 6th grade! he has always been a skater and well always been a freaking hottie! ohh btw im bi. but anyways ijust have always just thought of him liked that. one time in 6th grade like the 2nd day iknew him we was playing pokemon lmao. he put his head on my shoulder and started giggling iwas like omg lol. well basically iwent to another skool until freshmen year. well we go to this same place and hangout and i just started going there my freshmen year. btw he is a year older then me. well there he started showing all these signs. grabbing my butt. kissing me on the cheek, flirting, he even came up from behind and hugged me and iwas like trying to move and he was like dont move. my heart was about to fall off because the long time inever got to see him made me miss him more. well after my freshmen year he went to mexico for the summer so i never rlly saw him again :(. well he came back and was still showing affection. idk anything. advice?
—Guest guest

I just can't ask him

Yeh, I've got this problem too. I am in the second year of secondary school and it happened that one day I met a guy from one year above of me. Since then he means everything for me... He is the first person I can really feel true love towards. I have the luck that we are friends alredy, and I really don't know whether he's straight or not - he never told me about any girls, nor was seen with any -, but I'm not brave enough to ask him... Should I give a try?
—Guest RandomGuy

im a gay 12 year old

im only 12 and gay i have a friend who i think is straight but he will never spit it out if hes gay sure there have been times where he would lean on me (sexually)but i still wanna no if he likes me or if hes gay!!! ive allways liked him he is very valueble to me and i love him but what is he and how can i find out if he likes me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Guest im stuck

Tell me about it!

I'm completely different. I have a boyfriend in another country. I was going to move to that country in the summer but my mum recently told me i'm not gonna be moving. I love him soooooooo much and I don't really know what to do....
—Guest Lonerguy121


i am 14 going on 15 and i am a freshmen in highschool. there is this italian boy named blasie, which btw... is a sexy name, anyway he is drop dead georious, hansom, sexy, he also has a brother who is a senior and they look like twins, i am friends with both of them on facebook, i look at their pics over and over again and cant get the sexual and intense feeling in my heart that i want to be with them, just as friends though, not like boyfriends or anything like that, just friends. i am afraid to talk to him... he is constantly goin out wit girls and he doent look gay, but neither do i... i know i will never be friends with neither one of them in the future... i want to be so badd, i find myself saying his name (blaise) in a sentence for no reason, its like i try to fit his name somewere in there, or like if im talkin to my friends ill say somethin like, "you know that kid blaise? well me and him went to so and so" something like that, i am sexually confused and i need some answers pls!
—Guest blake


So far I've asked out three guys. All of them are straight. All of them. You'd think after the second time, rejection would hurt less... Nope. What's worse: each time I thought that they liked me as more than just a friend. So much for the "gaydar" concept. Ugh, life.

What Can You Do if You are a GLBT Teen w

What Can You Do if You are a GLBT Teen with a Crush on Someone Straight?
—Guest ruggierro

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