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Readers Respond: What Can You Do if You are a GLBT Teen with a Crush on Someone Straight?

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Is he gay and does he like me?

So I'm almost 15 and I was hanging out with my cousin and some of her friends and we were having a water balloon fight, and after we were all soaked, this guy goes into the bathroom to change, and another one of her friends (who is a guy) knocks on the bathroom and says "is anyone in there?" and then the guy says "yeah, come in if you like" I think he was kidding but I'm not sure. Then we were all watching a movie and I'm in the back sitting on a chair and he is just to my right and a little further up and as I'm watching I see him turn his head toward me looking at me for like 10 mins, i tried to make it look like i didn't notice so i don't think he knows that i saw him. He's pretty hot but he's gone out with girls before and he is ALWAYS with his best friend who is a guy. I'm soooo confused because I'm not out to ANYONE! HELP!!!!!!
—Guest Jake

Them Pesky straight Guys

I am 24 and absolutely head over heals for a guy i work with. ive always had a crush on him but its never really been an issue. until . .just before he's birthday last year. we'd had a few drinks and he got a bit emotional telling me he wanted to try stuff as he's 25 and never had. before i knew it we were kissing and it was amazing. things didnt go any further cause i pretty much freaked, though i cant get him out of my head and work with him and his girlfriend daily ! sucks !
—Guest paulo


I'm only 14 right now. I know for a fact, I'm gay. And I had just moved to my current school this past year. Things are going great. Mind you, I'm not the most "Hottest" person you'll ever meet. And I have a crush on this guy. We only have 2 classes together. But everytime I'm around him, I get butterflies. I have dreams about us being together. Everything just seems so spectacular. He never gives me any signs that he is gay or bi though. He gives many about being straight, Like usual guys do. With the gay jokes, and what not. But I still have a big crush for him. If anyone can help, Please contact me. Thank you. ~Nathan~
—Guest Nathan//OR

Best Friends

I have this friend, we're really close, who I've had feelings for for a few years now. She always has boyfriends or is sleeping around but regularily makes refrence to how hot girls are etc. I hate it because it gets your hopes up but it's probably me just imagining things. I get so frustrated with myself because spending time with her is torcher because I know I can't have her but I want her so bad. I go between hating her for not noticing me and bring totally infatuated with her.
—Guest Amelia


So I guess my story is kinda complicated so I'll try to keep it short. I was kinda confused about being bi for a bit. So I ended up getting a crush on a girl who I knew was straight, but then I thought I had a crush on her boyfriend, who was my best friends little brother. I tried to broach the subject with her and she went all "LEAVE MY LITTLE BROTHER ALONE OR I'LL KILL YOU" so yeah (btw she was a lesbian who I didnt kinda fancy as more than a friend as well a while ago) so I asked my other lesbian friend (who became my GF for a while last year before I left school). and she told me to just try to get over it because if someone else know they are straight telling them can make you lose some important friends in a ripple effect. Might not be helpful for you but I wanted to offer advice.
—Guest FallenAngel76

I feel like dying sometimes...

I am bi sexual and I have only came out to one person. I'm in fear of coming out because my family is very Christian And antigay. They would glue me to an altar if they knew. But here's the thing. I have this huge crush on my best friend. It kills me. We always joke around with eachotjer and call eachother gay and stuff. We sleep in the same bed sometimes and we can talk About practically Anything. He is very touchy with me, and on occasion, he will even try to hug me in front of everybody at scool. Idk how to read him. I want him so bad. I wish I could tell him my feelings, but I don't wanna come out yet, and I don't wanna lose him...
—Guest Gjuice

why are guys so hot

hi i am a 15 year old boy i like this 1 guy in my homeroom but hes straight i thought i was to until i meet him . his name is zack we have been friends for a very long time. he has no idea i like him i know hes straight because hes dated this one girl name sarah i am just sick of how they can have a normal relation ship but me and zack cant . now theres a chance i could be moving we live in michigan and i could be moving to florida and i dont know what to do somebody please help me


way back in school we like each other but were pretending to each other i told him and he said how did i know that am funny.
—Guest maryann


My responce to all of you, If you tell a guy you like him, it will most likely scare him away. The best possible solution is to first try being friends, then you can decide if you like his personality or just the looks. whatever you may decide remember this, we are all searching for that special someone, and it may be the un-likely-est person. make friends with all the guys you like, and see which ones respond to you best, Honestly theres no point in concentrating one single guy, because that guy may not like you, and if he does like you take it slow. moving too fast may cause fatal-love, and thats not good. and the guys that respond to you best, are the ones that... play with you, or just give you a little less attention(using periferal vision).
—Guest Adrian

I cant get over her!

Im a girl, im in 10th grade and i think i'm bi, well i dont really know what i am. If i had to choose, i would probably say i'm 90% gay and 10% straight. But im still in the closet..well anyways, i have this friend (we'll call her J) who i met in 5th grade. She's thin, blonde, so beautiful, and really smart and funny. I think i realized i fell in love with her when i was in 7th grade. I started noticing that i was more interested in her than any other boy or girl in the school. She's straight but we would always make eye contact in class and she would IM me at like 3 in the morning and we would talk about random things. Anyways she switched schools this year to pursue acting. Its been almost 4 years since i realized i love her and i cant get over her! We hardly ever talk anymore, we've never kissed, barley made any body contact, or anything! So idk why i still cant get her off my mind! I dont know what to do anymore, i cant live on like this! if anyone has any advice please share. :)
—Guest inaperfectworld...

Military love

In ait, I feel in love with a straight 18 yr old guy. He is the quiet, nerdy type that knows alot of stuff about our jobs. I would follow him around and treat him like a puppy cause i was older than him and he used to act like a wolf. Because of a fight between his friends and I, he found out that I got feelings for him. He told me that he didnt mind it and such. Which made me happy, then I found out he got married which totally destroyed me. I was caught in the middle of it when I found out she slept with a friend of his. -.- He found out and got very emoish. But it seems it got over it and now is getting a divorce. Sooo I am happy again. Still I wish he would consider at least like once with me. I dont care much about how a guy looks. I love what really counts, their personality.
—Guest Lil Raven


Hey, im 16 and i am in love with my sisters boyfriend. the only problem is he is straight. i have loved him for 4 years now as i used to know him when we were younger. Unfortunatly, he isnt as close anymore. :'( She is 'madly in love' this guy too. i dont want to split them up or anything, but i am deeply in ove with him. i think he tries to avoid me as i am the 'big' (im slightly taller than him) older brother and im usally quite protective of my sister. once, at my friends birthday party, we were playing spin the bottle and we ended up snogging :D and it was the best time in my life. everything just felt warm, fuzzy and happy. but back to the original point, he is my SISTERS boyfriend. What should i do?
—Guest in need of help.


—Guest WHAT!?!

That Girl

Well, Im Bi, but i lean more towards girls, I'm 17 and had a crush on this very straight, very tom-boy best friend, we shared everything, I seen her almost everyday, heck we would 'pretend' kiss all the time. The only thing she didnt know was that I was hopelessly infactuated with her, not love but pretty close. for three-years I didnt date anyone boy or girl in hopes she'd pick up on it, eventually I needed to tell her, for my own piece of mind. I did, I didnt feel better but I did feel, relieved, I think I had known all along she would end our friendship and anything else, but I learnt that its ok as long as you are both ok with the outcome. It didnt exactly end out fine, it hurt, alot, but there will be other people, other places and I still care for her alot and even though I sometimes cant stand the sight of her, I love, loved what we had. Just a piece of mind for those in doubt you never know, they could like you and even if they dont experience it, grow, corny but true.
—Guest Troublesome

I fell In love with a Thug...

In high school, I was in the 9th grade, and the first day at school, I was walking own the stairs as I glanced up there he was- Georgous, his seductive eyes glanced down at me and I smiled and whispered "Hi," this was the worst and most beautiful first moment I have ever had with a Boy. I began to go to his house, and although we Would wrestle and play games with each other, He eventualy learned that I was Gay, and asked If I had feelings for him, I had to deny, I knew he was straight, and there wouldnt be anything Mentally( Real Love), although he we used to get drunk together and he used to tell me he loved me, I knew i was in love with a fantasy-loving him&being with him. I must say it was the most confusing and painfull time, he was so cute he could have any girl he wanted, and he did. I must have cried so many times,While he made love to the girls that didnt love him as much as I did. But I had to let him go, he still thinks were friends, although I dont want to leave, I just had2
—Guest A

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What Can You Do if You are a GLBT Teen with a Crush on Someone Straight?

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