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Readers Respond: What Can You Do if You are a GLBT Teen with a Crush on Someone Straight?

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Confessing a boys love to another boy

Well I am 14 years old and I've noticed that I like girls but when I arrived in high school things started to change I catch myself watching a hot guy walk around during Lunch. When I admired his beauty I notice he was LOOKING at me. Also when lunch starts I see that are eyes meet whenever we pass by each other, I get mixed feelings if I should confess my love to him but I'm just a stranger to him. Gay?or Bisexual?
—Guest Bi curious or just Gay?

Dont be too quick to make assumptions :)

Maybe we should also take into account the opinions of the straight crushes out there :p. I am a straight girl who has a crush on her lesbian friend... I have no idea what to do though because I've always thought and told her i was straight... I think she likes me aswell and we've been flirting like crazy every time we're out together... So, I suppose just because someone's always said they are straight sometimes if you give them a chance with you, you might just find out they have feelings for you aswell... espesially if you can already tell there's chemistry. I don't think a label of 'straight or gay' is suited to everyone. I'm just too shy to tell her. I guess it's not really a question of what sex they are... if you know that there's a connection going on, chances are you're not the only one who can feel it :)
—Guest Straightgirl

Same old story...

Well, I guess I'm going to share what seems to be the stereotypical queer teenager experience. I'm 18, and I only came to terms with my bisexuality this year. However, I always had feelings for my best friend, and it's now been 6 years that I'm in love with her. No matter how much I try to ignore them, they just keep coming back stronger. I know that there is no hope, and I have accepted that I can't have her. I'm just tired of hiding who I really am and lying all the time. I need to find the way to come out to her. I don't want to be in the closet forever, and she is my best friend: I have to tell her. However, I fear that this is going to ruin our friendship. If she asks me if I ever fancied her, how could I lie? Once she knows I'm bi, she'll realize that she's hasn't been just a friend for me. I gave up on my dreams of being with her: it's unrealistic and masochistic. I just want to be able to tell her who I really am without ruining our friendship. Is that too much to ask?
—Guest cassandra


Im gay 14 and uhhhh suckish. Half the 8th nows im bi (i claim im bi) but im actually gay. Anyways , there ish this guy who ish my friend, an i have a crush on him. I dont wana ruin our friendship, and i know hes straight, but i really need to tell him. What do i do?!
—Guest GayCherry

I Dont Know What To Do please help me

I,m 14 and i,v been crushin on this girl (14) for about 5 months....But I have recently found out I have feelings for my m8 (13) and I dont know what to do please HELP me...

Does This Mean I,m Bi...

I,v been crushing on this girl in my school for about 5 months now. And now i have got a cruch on my m8 (boy). Does this mean i,m bi... please HELP me....
—Guest please HELP me

Take your time to deal with it.

I have to say, it's possibly one of the most difficult things to overcome when you have a straight friend you have a crush on. Ever since I was in grade 3 I've had a crush on a guy who stuck up for me when I was bullied. Over the years, I looked past his messy hair and acne and now, he's really good looking (actually hot.) I still am probably not over it yet, but I eventually will come to the conclusion that I can't be with him. Unless you have full confirmation that that person feels the same way, it's better off to forget them. Take time to do other things; don't always have that one person on your mind. In the future, everyone is bound to get a love that they will hold onto forever :D
—Guest SuperQuestioned

Never Before

I'm a very outgoing and loud person, by a new guy came to our school he's soogoodlooking but he's straight and he's antiGay. God why is everything so hard?..
—Guest Sinfull

What do i do?

My best friend since kindergarten is bi and she has a crush on me but i'm straight and have a boyfriend. What do i do?
—Guest Sammi

straight crush

Im in sixth form (12th grade/year) and there is this boy that takes dance with me and i really really fancy him. All in all there are 4 boys that do dance with me. One of them i suspect is gay but he is so not my type and he hates me but i dont care. The second is taken but he is really bad at dance but he is ok. Then there is the one i love he is amazing at dance (but cannot beat me in dancing) he has an amazing body and looks great every dance lesson (Shorts and tank top). a few days ago we were doing a ballet workshop as a cover lesson and he was behind me. I faked an injury (mainly because im a lazy bastard) because i wanted to see his muscular body hard at work. However my other friend (boy) saw me looking at him in a loving way and after the class asked me if i fancied him. He has been a friend of his for many years but i said yes anyway hoping he will tell him i have a crush on him. He did not tell him but i wish he did so i woulnt have to. But if he dosent what should I do?
—Guest dancing actor

My Parents...

Okay so I've had a girlfriend for a month now. She is absolutely amazing! ...but my mom doesn't approve of me liking girls. She says she does and supports me but "They couldn't come over if I dated them". Well I was in the car and she randomly asks me, "Are you dating Kim?" (I'm convinced she has a gaydar now...) and well, I can't let her know so I lied. I'm afraid if she finds out...she'll separate us, or never give us time alone. She doesn't trust me and it sucks, I just want her to accept me. My f****** church accepts me for crying out loud, and she can't. It's just...a mom's supposed to be a best friend as well as a mom...She should know I'm still the same. Also, my dad is just in denial about the whole thing. "It's just a phase, she doesn't like girls." Freak out explode on me mode... :L and well...I don't know what to do...Everyone BUT my mom/adult relatives (and my little brother) know, because none of the people who know will tell my mom, but it's crazy keeping it from her.Help
—Guest Taylor

Cousins -.-"

Since i was little i have always had crushes on my cousins (girls back then) I am a 14 yr old bi and i have fallen for my cousin, although this isnt the 1st male relative ive fallen for it is the strongest. Everytime he comes over i just feel like kissing him and have to restrain myself from doping something that could really screw me up... any advice? I JUST REAALLLLLYYYY LOVE him and don't know if i should come out and tell him, he is straight and i have no idea if he is homophobic or not. HELP PLEASE :3 0.0
—Guest Shiiii

in love with my straight best friend

I'm 16 years old and I have been best friends with this guy for about half a year now and recently I have realized that I have feelings for him.. he doesn't know how I feel and I don't even know how I feel.. I could be bi because I also like girls, but never have I liked anyone as much as I like him. Whenever we touch I feel so strongly for him, but I am pretty sure he is straight as girls are all he talks about :/ I just want him to want me as I want him but I know that this is a impossabilty.. I just don't know what to do, do I tell him and risk destoying our friendship? but if he did return my love I would be so happy! i just do not know what to do..
—Guest Sam


Hey guys, im bi, though mainly boys and im a boy, i have a crush and he is straight. Every1 is young and wat wen need to know is that there is a big world out there. There r so many of us. Don't b afraid. Sit back and enjoy the ride wt looking and starring, but remember there is more and hotter guys..... Hope i helped
—Guest ????s

Confused into guy

I'm currently in highschool, in the band. I know this gay guy that's in the guard. He turns me on but in my mind I say to myself it is immoral to have these feelings. This guy doesn't know about it but I would like to tell him. But I am scared what other people would think. Because I have had hot girlfriends in the past.
—Guest Alexander

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What Can You Do if You are a GLBT Teen with a Crush on Someone Straight?

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