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Readers Respond: What Can You Do if You are a GLBT Teen with a Crush on Someone Straight?

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I am bi as well and I'm in love with this boy who is a best friend. I know he is straight but I love his body. ESP his legs. Nice and tan. Hot!!!! Well Idk what to do. Tlk to him?
—Guest Soxmanroids62

Life kinda sucks

I guess you wouldn't be inclined to believe in love at first sight unless it happened to. Such is the case with me. 3 summers back i visited some friends in norway. I met a kid there who i just couldn't get over. I was with him for the whole duration of my stay (maybe 2 weeks). When I came back to the US I was really depressed and got outted (long story). It sucked being away from him because I was absolutely head over heals for him, but I didn't know if he was gay or not. I got to go back the next summer and was with him again. I dreamt about him every night and could barely eat (I mustve lost 10 or 15 lbs). One night we were having "life talks," and he told me about a girl he liked. I got depressed again. We're still friends but it's hard for me to talk to him or think about him because I was so in love with him. Not to mention the fact that if I want to see him I have to shell out $1000 for a plane ticket. So like I said, life kinda sucks.
—Guest Just me

I'm I don't know...

Okay I'm a 15 teen year old and I don't know what to do I like two people (Both girls) but one is straight and the other is bi. The bi one moved and the straight one knows I like her. I don't know why, but when I'm around or see something (like their artwork or icon) I get really upset and depressed. I don't know what to do. I'm bi, but my family doesn't understand My big bro would kill me if he found out and my dad would kill me and send me away. They say they love me, but I don't know how to cop. I just always hurt and feel bad. I want to cry, but in my crying in front of people is weak. I don't know...
—Guest cherokee girl

Help me please

I'm 14 last year one of my friend that i like he keeps touching me and never gets mad at me even if i do the same thing as someone else also in my house he keeps touching me and seems to enjoy it. This year just a few days a go he saw me hangging out with one of my friends which was a girl and he thought that, that was my girl friend.. but i really want to show that i like him and also win over his heart what should i do?
—Guest Not sure

What should i do

Theres this kid I met about 1 year ago and he is so cute! We are both into the same things like music and movies! I'm 14 and so is he.. I'm bi but I haven't told anyone yet.. So I guess you can say I'm a closet bi. This kid I like though I can't seem to get his vibe because he seems to be bi to but then there are times were he crawls back from me and I feel alone again.. I don't know what to do.. If I tell him I'm Bi I don't know what reaction to expect and I'll be bullied forever if people in my school were to find out.. I just want a secret relationship with this guy.. Jeez Why can't we just kiss and get it over with. :/
—Guest cough cough

learned from mistakes....

hey there, i m 17 years old and living in the UK. i go to sixthform and basically everyone there knows im gay, aswell as my family and parents. i have many close friends who sometimes joke around with me,seeing as im thier gay friend. they make little flirty jokes, but one day they went to far and i ended up being sexualy active with a guy i liked for sometime. i understand it is all well and good wanting to be with someone, so you'll do anything, such as sexual favours even though you know that thats all they want...i used to do these "favours" but i ended up building up false hope that me and this guy would end up togtether.... but it never happened. as of this day i now like another guy who is comfortable with me, but does not like me back... but at least now i know that you shouln't leave your self open to be hurt by someone just cause you hae a crush on them... i hope this helps someone somewhere =] x
—Guest british boy


hi I'm Harry I am 14 years old and am gay nearly everybody in my year at school know about it and can sometimes be really annoying. I am seeking advise on how to approach a guy in my year he is nothing like me though he's fit, athletic, and I really, really think he's cute but I'm not even sure if he's even gay.he looks gay but I'm not sure if you can tell if someone's gay just by looking at them ( for me that's pretty much non-stop :P ) I reallllllllllllly like him but i'm not sure if he likes me like I like him. i'm only young and have my whole future ahead of me but i have already decided that i wish i could be with him forever :) but any way...what i really want to know is, how do i approach a guy i like if he doesn't always acknowledge i'm there and i'm very shy around him i love him and would be VERY thankful for any advise and replys xx

I just want to get over him

So i know this guy. I med him in 7th grade and at that moment we became best friends on the 1st day. At the middle of the year i told him i was bi and then he confessed that he was bi but i caind of knew that (gay instinct). But now wear not friends and i love him with all my heart but now that wear not friends eny more i just want to get over him. And know he vame out to the hole school and i wanted to tell him i was proud of hin and stuff but i forgot we warent friends eny more. "HELP ME PLZ"
—Guest alfeee

Pretty much in love with a straight guy

I'm 17 in 2 weeks and have known I am gay since I was 15. I came out to my friends then and they were really freaked about it but now its all fine. There's this guy in most of classes and I'm sure he's straight, but ever since I knew I have been in love with him. Even to the point where I have almost held his hand without even thinking, while walking to class. I just don't know what to do, my friends say that I should just move on and I know that I should, but I literally can't. Last time I tried, I was in such a state that I cut my arm. Not proud of that, but it stil happened. Everytime we talk it's like daggers in my throat becasue I can't say what I want and I can't breathe (literally) when he walks away. He broke up with his 2 year long girlfriend a while ago but I'm sure he is still in love with her, which kills me inside when I see them talking. I dont know what I can do, I've tried almost everything but I just cant get him off my mind. I would appreciate any help. Thank you :)
—Guest Alyx

Am I gay or straight? Kinda confuse..

Hi everyone, I just recently turned 16. I have a girlfriend, she so hot, I like her so much, but there's one wrong thing in me, whenever I look to a straight guy I can't stop staring at him, like I want them in my side, two of them (my Girlfriend and the guy) or just the guy alone. I have like 5 crushes with a guy. but I really don't want to hurt my girlfriend. I felt I was standing in the middle of the crowd screaming with no one ever notice.(woah I sounded like an old english man). Anyway, no one ever knew that I was 25% gay. I've been keeping this since I was a child. Ugrhh!! I almost forgot, when I was a kid neighbors always borrow me from my mother and get in their houses, that bastard raped me he's a guy (kinda cute) I remember when he sucked my d***(sorry censored haha) its just like I want to do it all over again, also when I'm in grade school, I have a classmate (boy) and I like him so much until now I still like him but I have no strength to confront him and tell him.
—Guest John

Help me

I don't no wether I'm gay or straight I'm kinda interested in guys, but also girls. I hav a gf also i cannot let my parents find out cuz they will be upset and tell me I shouldn't be gay I hav a gf who I live and there's this other guy I hav a crush on too. There's also this girl I like too what happens if my girlfriend finds out about it please leave a comment and help me desperately
—Guest Jesse

wat 2 do

im 12 and im gay im scared to tell my friends cause they would laugh at me and tease me and all my guy friends would not be my friends anymore. i like this 1 guy in my gym class and hes so hot i think he is gay but i cant tell im scared that if i ask him he would say no and i would be humiliated.......wat should i do :|
—Guest gay boy


there is a girl i LOVE. she has to be straight. shes sooo beautiful. i cant keep my eyes off of her. and thats the problem. im constamtly starring at her and making her feel uncomfortably. im so lost. i would die for this girl. and she probaly hates me. what am i to do!?!?
—Guest 53

I'm so lonley :(

I am a newly profound gay kid in my school and I have always knew I was but I am just now letting it out to some of my friends and family. I have never had a boyfriend, but I like this guy in my band class (by the way i'm 15 he is 16) but the problem is is that he is also a football player! we first met in 7th grade. Me and him will talk now and then but were not extremly close, and he's not that total stuck up football that you would think he is, he is actually very nice and funny, very good looking and loving to his friends.... but he has a girlfriend and I just think i'll never get to be with him. i'm not sure if he's straight completly or maybe a little more gay but hasn't said anything about it. he does sometimes look's over at me when we are playing in band, he sits right next to me. I try to act cute and help him a little and he helps me, he does act a little like me in some ways, but I just wanna know if he is straight or maybe gay... i'm tired of being alone....
—Guest TheLittleWolfBoy

J. In love with my friend. 14

I know Im bi (and a boy), and i've had crushes on girls for all my life. Then, this year (i'm 14 now), i fell in love with my best friend. His name starts with B, so I'll use that to represent him. B shows signs of being gay... but its confusing. he hugs other boys (as a joke), and touches them (i'm pretty sure as a joke), and doesnt talk to girls often. he doesnt ever hug/touch me, but i wish he would. He's one of my best friends, however, so I don't understand why he doesn't do any of those things toward me. Last year... or two years ago... he said he had a crush on a girl. but that girl was a girl everyone had a crush on, so i think he was using that as a lie. actually, recently, hes been hugging/touching me more, but he does it to everyone else a lot. And what about that crush I had? I had a crush on this girl for four years, and suddenly I'm in love with my best friend. I wish I could figure out if Brandon was straight or not! :(
—Guest Confused Bi
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