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Readers Respond: What Can You Do if You are a GLBT Teen with a Crush on Someone Straight?

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Okay,So I am a 13 yr old (barely Bi) guy who likes this guy at school. he is athletic, light brown hair, and is lean and muscular. I catch myself stealing peaks at him when he's not looking. -a while back, i told my friend that i was bi and the guy that i like. so she said that she would tell him for me. i said ok. she told him, and said that his mouth was practicly dragging. so he started to avoid me. so i wrote him this heartfelt letter saying that i was "stupid, shouldn't have opened my mouth, admired him but thought of him more as a friend. he started talking to me again, and he sits at my table in 8th period. how do i tell if he likes me or not? and how do i ever confront him (again) about my so-called Fluctuating feelings. ugh this is so frustrating. please help me! -thanks in advance.
—Guest hopeful-less

Christian School Crush pt. 2

Their names are Jal and Jo So yeah that`s their names i forgot but still love them
—Guest jamir21

I don't know what to do

I have a crush on my neighbor, a cute asian filipino boy.But he's straght.What should i do?
—Guest confused

I love this mexicano

I love him, he knows i am a gay guy, but he still hands out with me, I am confused that if he isnt why he still wants to be with me, if he is, why when i ask more in our relationship,he said no, He was happy with me, but now when he is with me, he is not so happy always so serious, i want him to be happy with me, but it seems that we always fighting a lot, but the thing is my feeling for him is getting strong and stronger, i wish i can be with him forever but he doesnt want it, what should i do?
—Guest Bito

what to do?!!!!

My name is T, I'm bi and I have 2 friends that I just met, I like both of them as a friends but I like one of them alot, I think those two friends are gay because they sways right beside watch other, touching themself and sometimes he look at me deeply on my eyes, I hang out with them a couple times at his car, I think those two friends are dating but they don't want to tell me, I really like one of them and I think he likes me back! What should I do!!! Help please ;-)
—Guest Cools dude

I think Im in Love

Well every storys the same i like this guy but hes straight but i can say truthfully this is the real thing. At my High School theres this guy athlete and so dreamy, I'll sometimes watch him play rugby and I'll be sitting next to the art room and just stare and wish he would be with me yet we never even talk, Its like a secretive relationship except this ship isn't sailing so ill always wait for him and i cane back from getting out of hospital and found out he has this girlfriend then he grabbed her tight and kissed her, i started crying and felt like i wanted to vomit it was that bad. So for now ill just wait and hope with all my heart he will one day notice me and actually say 'hi' even though we once facebook chatted and i was so head over heels yet didnt have the guts to say that i liked him cause my reputation is so high at this school i'd be ruined and ripped to shreds, So any advice i would appreciate and one day would want him to kiss me like he kissed that girl.I really love h


hi i have a good friend and i have a big crush on him and i always have fantasies about makingout with him we are both 16 i once told him im gay but he has a girlfriend and i once tried to touch his dick, even though he is straight he once said to me that he has a gay boy in class who always did things with his dick and i once asked him to hang out , he said he couldn't and told me a reason that his mother would not let him hangout with his friends its really confusing me as im having a big crush on him he is just my but and he told me that he is straight but still we are not separated in anyways he still sees me as a good friend
—Guest adi

Limerence stumped by friendship.

I hear you! After a ludicruosly huge crush ona straight guy in my class ich made me put my life on a thread, I really decided to not let the feelings typical of "crushes"creep in me again. How I did so? I accepted them. When you are friends to someone, the urge of doing positive things for the other person is manifested in a "give freely" manner. When you have a crush, the urge of doing good things for the other person is manifested in a "give in order to have you give me what I want" manner. Positive enticement is present in both. But the later has intentions of reciprocity behind them. Act on that urge of goodnes but expect nothing. Friendship will start to arise between you almost inebitably. The mystic, gorgeus, narcotic aura of your crush will be crushee by the friendship, and the limerence will be over. Your time is too valuable to have it thrown into a hollow basket.
—Guest Diego

Do I Have A Chance?

I'm 14 and I have this huge crush on this other guy. He was a new student in our school back in October and we became friends. Over Christmas break, I've been doing a lot of thinking and I suddenly realized that I love him. By the time school started again, I talked to him more and I really got to know him. We became even closer than before. After a month or so, I announced to everyone that I was bisexual and I got very positive feedback. Eventually my friend found out about it, and we hung out EVEN MORE. He was always talking to me, we always made eye contact, he laughed at my jokes, etc. After a couple of weeks, I just couldn't take it anymore, and I just HAD to tell him. I told him via Facebook, and he was fine with it. After I told him, he completely ignored me for a week. WTF? However, he came around to it and we started talking again like nothing happened. But now, he always warmly smiles at me, he stares at me during Spanish and English class, etc.
—Guest Mr.Can'tThinkOfAGoodName

My Experience So Far.

I currently have a crush on my best friend, we were friends for about 10 years. I had a crush on him for about 1 and 1/2 years. I'm 14, and he's 16, so he is always supportive of me. This summer, I couldn't suppress my feelings for him any longer, so I confessed my love to him, hoping to end the cycle of emotional turmoil. He was shocked, but he told me he was cool with it. (Man he's so chill) I thought my feelings would go away, now that he knew, maybe I could get over it. I didn't. Now on the bright side, he isn't afraid to make physical contact with me (which I love/hate), and he isn't even afraid to sleep in the same bed as me. Of course I basically have no chance of anything between us going beyond friendship. I guess... I guess the thing that I learned out of this is that you shouldn't be afraid to confess (But you should make it clear that you want to be friends if you're rejected) Because I think only your truest friend will be alright with your feelings instead of drifting awa
—Guest Josh

I've been there

So I'm almost no longer a teenager, but I went through the same experience just this week. Being that I'm an adult and living on my own now, I had nothing holding me back from just asking this guy, "Hey, are you into guys? I'm kind of interested in you." I thought maybe by some chance, he WAS gay, and it he just hadn't told me yet. Well, it turns out he wasn't (or isn't, rather) gay, but we're still friends. If you think somebody is mature enough to not let that kind of thing effect your relationship as friends, there is no harm in asking. I've asked out girls as well who were my friends. Of those who said no, I'm still friends with most of them. Crushing on a guy isn't much different than crushing on a girl. You just have to do what feels right and see where it takes you.
—Guest David, bisexual

Help me

Ok some i just found im partially bi, only partially. I'm in an all boys choir (go figure im str8 til my friend comes) and so i went on tour with them. We had to share a bed in my room because he has to sleep with something/someone, and i picked the longest straw -.- so we go to bed and in the middle of the night he nudgez my shoulder and sayes" dude i got a hard on" inside i go wtf?!, outside i go AND? he sayes i think is causa you, i turn over Jd sure enough hes right behind me and i almost kissed him. So i jump outta bed and whisper screw this im sleepin in tge tub. Next day i sleep in the bed again and this time, he sayes "i -mumble- y-mumbpe-" i ignore him but now i realise its been bugging me, so wtf do i do? P.S. I've never been in a gay relationship and i don't want to,... Mabye
—Guest Raer1048

Kinds the same problamo

There is a guy in my year at school,hes not very popular and does not have many friends.Hes very cute and smart,my dream boy . And I have known him for about 2 or 3 years from when I moved to the United Kingdom , but I never relay felt anything for him up an till about 14 weeks ago . I had always taught he was cute ( along with many others ) but we where talking on web cam and after that chat . I could not stop thinking about him . I changed so much of my life with in weeks . But about 4 weeks in I made the mistake of telling him what i felt , he was shocked and I don't think he was at all interested . Even know he just seems gay,the music he listens to and the way he acts . but after I told him I have tried to keep a normal friendship with him cos I was only happy when I was with him.But I now don't know what to do.Most of the feelings I had are gone but some are still strong and wil not move on. All I can say is as hard as it is just try and move on.may be dont talk to them for a bi
—Guest Niel

One who hurts

I don't know what this feeling is I am beginning to check out guys from my school. In my freshman year I began to have thoughts of being gay or bi. But in my sophomore year i noticed the way I wave my hands around and how I hang out with my friends who are all mostly girls. Idk is this is normal or I'm just overly sensitive and need to just get over it.
—Guest I feel sad

One of Many

Hi I am a sophomore and 15 yes of age I believe I am bicurious or something. I realized this when the end of my freshman year a kid that a kid from lunch was mysteriously watching me. As I walked to my clas I felt his eyes still in me. From there I never gave another though about him. Until my sophomore year I meet him in one of my classes. I know his name and what he looks like, but I never feel like I have a chance to talk to him. I know he plays soccer but I'm to intimidated by his god-like features to even strike a conversation with him.... Idk wut to do
—Guest Another 1

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