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Transgender Teens

Information for transgender teens.
  1. Gender Info for Transgender Teens (5)

How Does Sexual Orientation Work When You're Transgender ?
Here's how sexual orientation works for people who are transgender.

Am I Transgender or Transsexual?
Some teens know that they are transgender or transsexual from early childhood. For others, the question, "Am I transgender or transsexual?" is one they struggle with for a long time.

Should Transsexual Teens Be Allowed to Transition?
The term transition refers to going through the process of changing genders, and it's something that is on the minds' of a lot of transsexual teens.

Transgender Pronouns
Sometimes people are confused about which pronouns to use when someone is transgender. Here is a helpful guide.

Transgender Teen Body Image Issues
Transgender teens may have body image issues that a both related to being trans and also related to being a teen.

Straight Female Attracted to FTM Transgender Man - I'm a Straight Fem…
A straight female attracted to a FTM transgender man wants to know if her feelings are normal.

Transgender Teens
Whether it's finding role models, seeing a doctor or making friends, there's a lot of important information transgender teens need to have.

Transgender Terminology: Defining Commonly Used Words
There are many different words used to describe different aspects of the transgender community. So it is important to understand transgender terminology.

Public Bathroom Use for Transgender Teens
Most people take going pee for granted. But transgender teens can find it really challenging to just to use a public bathroom.

What's it Like to Be a FTM Transgender Teen
I had the chance to ask Casey, a 17-year-old FTM transgender teen some questions about his life.

Genderqueer refers to people who do not adhere to strictly male or female identities and roles. A genderqueer person often chooses to present as neither clearly male, nor clearly female, but rather as a gender-free individual.

Transgender Life
Transgender individuals may have the genitals of one sex, but a gender identity usually associated with the other. There have been many notable transgender people throughout history, yet individuals who do not conform to rigid gender roles often face transphobia and legal challenges.

7 Transgender Role Models You Should Know About
A lot of kids feel alone in the world. This can be particularly true for transgender kids who may not know anyone else in their situation. But there are actually a lot of transgender role models, out there. You just need to know where to look!

Is "Genderqueer" the Right Term for a Lesbian Teen Who Questions Gender Boxes?
A teen who is biologically female and identifies as a lesbian has begun questioning traditional gender boxes. In this situation the term "genderqueer" might apply.

Cissexual and Cisgender: Terms for Non-Transsexuals
Cissexual and cisgender are terms for non-transsexual people.

How Do I Have Sex With an FTM Partner?
A teen is concerned about having sex with her FTM partner for the first time and asks for advice.

QUIZ "Am I Transgender?"
QUIZ "Am I Transgender?"

Transgender Health Issues for Teens
Transgender health issues including those related to transitioning, (altering one's gender presentation to match one's gender identity) and accessing appropriate health care can be important for teens.

Am I a Lesbian if I Have an FtM Partner?
Does dating someone transgender mean that a person is gay? A teen with a female-to-male (FtM) partner wonders if this means she is a lesbian.

Passing as Your Accurate Gender When You're Trans
Passing as one's accurate gender is a goal of many transgender and transexual teens.

A teen who doesn't have a clear gender identity looks for a label.
A teen who doesn't have a clear gender identity looks for a label.

I'm an FTM Teen. How Can I Get My Crush to See Me as Male?
An FTM teen wonders how to make a crush see him as male.

A teen wonders about being a female to male transgender invidual.

Delaying Puberty in Transgender Children
Some families are deciding to delay puberty in transgender children.

What Causes a Transgender Identity?
No one knows exactly what causes a transgender identity, but there are a few theories.

Is it Possible to Live Gender Free?
In a society that likes to put everything into boxes, some people wonder if it is possible to live gender free.

Fighting Transphobia

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