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Gay Teens & Puberty

A Few Important Issues to Think About


Puberty. For better or worse, everyone, gay or straight has to go through it. And while it might seem a lot easier to simply wake up one day in your grown-up body, changing from a child to an adult can take years.

Body & Mind

Though much of what we think about when we think about puberty is physical (the voice cracking, boob growing, wet dream having side of things), a lot of the changes that accompany puberty are emotional. For GLBT kids, this side can be a little different than it might be for hetero kids.


For example, as everyone who has ever sat through a health class can tell you, a lot of kids begin to develop more sexual feelings and crushes during puberty. These feelings can be tricky enough to navigate if they are validated. When they’re not, say if your feelings are for someone of the same sex, they can be a lot harder to manage.

Finding Someone to Talk to

Similarly, teens are often encouraged to talk to an adult who they trust about what they are going through. That’s not so easy if one of the big things you are going through is being gay and you aren’t comfortable expressing this to anyone.

Transgender Youth

For transgender teens, puberty can be especially tough as they see their body growing even more clearly into something that doesn't seem to match how they feel inside.

Ideally, you can make it from puberty point A to adulthood point B without too many bumps in the road. But just remember if things are feeling particularly rocky, at least puberty doesn’t last forever!

Finding Support

If you need to talk to someone about how you are feeling, consider the LGBT Youth Talkline.

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