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Health and wellness issues affect both our physical as well as our mental health. This holistic view sees health as something that is affected by everything from self-esteem, to sexuality and health care.
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How Gay Teens Can Stay Healthy by Staying Informed and Prepared
Health promotion refers to things we do to stay healthy before we get sick. For gay teens this can mean everything from taking care of mental health, to being safe with sex and substances and finding supportive adults to talk to.

Health Tips for GLBT Teens
Five important health considerations specifically for GLBT teens.

Transgender Health Issues for Teens
Transgender health issues, including those related to transitioning, (altering one's gender presentation to match one's gender identity) and accessing appropriate health care can be important for teens.

Gay Dating Violence
gay teen dating violence

6 Groups Offering Gay Teens Support
There are a number of organizations that offer gay teens support. Some are created specifically for GLBT teens. Others serve all teens, with special projects geared towards gay youth.

Finding Support for Gay Teens
All teens need support, but sometimes it can be harder to find support for gay teens.

GLBT National Helpline: A Gay Hotline
The GLBT National Helpline has two phone hotlines, (one specifically for youth) for people in need.

Resources and Support for GLBT Teens
More and more schools provide safe environments for GLBT youth. Additionally, there are numerous GLBT organizations that can provide services to young people and their families.

Benefits of Being Out to Your Doctor
There are some good reasons for gay teens to come out to their doctors.

Visit a Doctor Without Your Parents
Gay teens often want to go to doctor visits without their parents. Here are a few ways they can make this happen.

Scarleteen.com's Find-a-Doc Service
The awesome teen website Scarleteen.com has created an really helpful service called, Find-a-Doc to help teens find a doctor, counselor, LGBTQ center, doula, shelter or other in-person sexual/reproductive health, sexuality and/or crisis care serving teens and young adults.

10 Things for Lesbians Should Discuss with Their Doctors
Important health issues for lesbians from About's Guide to Lesbian Life.

Tips for Healthy Gay Living
7 tips for leading a healthy gay life from About's guide to Gay Life.

Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HPV and Herpes: Know Your Most Common STDs
Though the GLBT community spends a lot of time talking about HIV, there are many other STDs (sexually transmitted infections) that gay teens should know about including HPV, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, and herpes.

How Peer Pressure Affects Gay Teens
Like all young people, gay teens are often affected by peer pressure.

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