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All About Oral Sex for GLBT Teens

From Safety to Pleasure and Answering Your Oral Sex Questions


At the turn of the last century, people commonly referred to oral sex as a perversion. In fact, until fairly recently, there were even laws banning oral sex in many states! But oral sex, (which refers to contact between the mouth and the genitals), is a normal form of sexual expression that can feel good both for there person performing the act and for the person receiving it.

Still, just like vaginal and anal sex, oral sex can transmit STD's, so using protection is a good idea.

Here's everything GLBT teens need to know about oral sex.

1. Can You Get STD's from Oral Sex?

std testing
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Oral sex is considered a lower risk activity for sexually transmitted infections (STIs or STDs) than are anal and vaginal sex. Even so, it is still possible to get an STD whether you are giving or getting oral sex. Of course, some STDs are more of a risk than others. Here is information on the infections you should be aware of and how to keep yourself safe... Read more

2. Should I Use a Condom for Oral Sex?

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We all know that it is wise to use condoms for sex. But does that extend to oral sex as well? There is a lot of confusion about this and as a result a lot of people ditch the condoms when doing oral. But is this wise? Here a gay teen who is thinking about having sex for the first time asks if he should use condoms for blow jobs... Read more

3. What Lesbian and Bisexual Teens Should Know About Oral Sex

mouth oral sex
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Oral sex is one of the most common sex practices among lesbians and bisexual women with female sex partners. Oral sex on a woman is called "cunnilingus" and many lesbian teens have questions about how to do it, whether it is safe, and if you can lose your virginity this way. Many people agree that you can lose virginity through this form of sex. Now about the safety factor... Read more

4. What is a "Dental" Dam?

glyde dam
Using a condom for oral sex on a penis seems pretty straight-forward. But what about protection when going down on a woman? Or when having anal / oral contact (analingus)? That's where dental dams come in. These barriers got their name from a device used by dentists and then appropriated for safer sex purposes... Read more

5. Does Oral Sex Put You at Risk for HIV?

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The thinking on the risk of HIV transmission has changed a lot over the years. Initially oral sex was not believed to be a risk for HIV. Then it was seen as a lower risk activity, but the data on what this meant was scarce. Most recently, a study published in the Dec. 2008 issue of the International Journal of Epidemiology reported that while the risk of getting HIV from oral sex might actually be even lower than scientists previously thought, it is impossible to rule it out... Read more

6. How to Use a Condom

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We all know how important it is to use a condom. Condoms offer really good protection from infections, including HIV. It is a good idea to use a condom any time you have anal or vaginal intercourse. It is also smart thinking to use a condom for oral sex. So how do you use these devices? Look, no one is born a condom expert, but with a little practice, that can change and condoms can become almost second nature... Read more

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