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All About Making Out

Information for GLBT Teens on Kissing and Hooking-Up


Even if it doesn't go much further than kissing, there are a lot of things that GLBT teens should know about making out with another person. Whether it is the age old worry, "How do I know if I am a good kisser," a question about what exactly defines hooking-up or making out, or concerns about being friends-with-benefits, there's a lot to figure out when you are intimate with someone else.

Plus, there is the inevitable first kiss experience, which as the teens who share their experiences here will tell you, can go a whole lot of different ways. As one says,

"He was friend, and I had just come out to him when he asked me on a date. We were sitting in the park snuggling when he leaned in. It was nice, but he kept trying to make out with me and I wasn't ready. He said I was a pretty good kisser though. We're still friends."

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1. GLBT Teens Talk About Their First Kiss

lesbian teens kissing
Image (c) Philip Leroyer
For a lot of GLBT teens, a first kiss is a really big deal. Sometimes the first kiss is an amazing experience, sometimes it is an awkward one, and sometimes it is something else altogether--say if you are a gay or lesbian teen who finds yourself locking lips with someone of the opposite sex. Here some teens talk about puckering up when they've never done so before...Keep reading

2. What Should You Do When a First Kissed Doesn't Go as Planned?

gay kiss
Image (c) philippe leroyer
Wouldn't it be nice if first kisses turned out like they did in the movies. Explosions would go off, love hearts would burst over the blissful couple and pauses from smooching would only be taken to gaze soulfully into each other's eyes. As many teens, both gay and straight know, real first kisses often look a lot different...Keep reading

3. How Do You Handle Making Out With a Straight Friend?

kiss lips making out
Walt Stoneburner
It happens for a lot of reasons. Maybe your friend wants to experiment. Maybe you made the first move. Maybe the mood was just right. But whatever the cause, making out with a straight friend can be confusing for both of you. That's especially true if you want to make out again and your friend sees the experience as a one time thing... Keep reading

4. What Are Friends-With-Benefits?

friends with benefits
Image (c) Luminis Kanto
The term "friends-with-benefits" seems to pop up a lot. In fact, there is even a movie with that title, and almost everyone in high school today knows someone who describes their situation in this way. Though some gay, lesbian and bisexual teens like the idea of being friends-with-benefits, others worry that at least one of the people involved might be hurt in the process... Keep reading

5. What Does "Hooking-Up" Really Mean?

Hooking up
Image (c) lovestruck
The term "hooking-up" might be one of the most widely defined out there. For some people it just refers to kissing, for others it can actually mean intercourse. So how do you know what someone is actually taking about when they mention that people hooked-up? The best way is to ask! But keep in mind, most people assume that hooking-up is something that happens outside of a relationship... Keep reading

6. Am I Not a Lesbian if it Felt Weird to Make Out With My Friend?

am i gay
Image (c) 5500
If you are gay or lesbian, it should always feel good to make out with anyone of the same sex, right? Wrong! Just as not all straight teens enjoy making out with people of the opposite sex, not all gay teens enjoy making out with someone of the same sex. Sexual attraction is about a lot more than just the gender of another person, and sexual orientation can't just be determined because making out with a particular person didn't feel very good... Keep Reading

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