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"Constantly Imagining the First Time," Gay and Lesbian Teens Talk About Sex


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Bisexual Girl, Confused and Not Enjoying Sex With Male Partners
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Lorax identifies as a bisexual teen. She's sexually active with both genders, but is beginning to question whenever this is the best thing for her to be doing.

"I've considered myself bi for a long time, but my sexual relationships have mainly been with men, and I don't enjoy them.

I'm the craziest person I know because I simply don't enjoy sex with men, (I'm a girl by the way) although I feel attracted to them.

I do though, love sex with women. I have less of it though, as I am more reserved with my body around women. I feel like it's a higher sex.

Like, sex with a guy is just normal and supposed to happen. But sex with a woman is just beautiful, more enjoyable, better, but therefore more for me to worry about.

I actually love my body less when around women, perhaps because to me, everyone woman is more beautiful than I am, and men just simply aren't on that level.

Maybe I'm just bi to hold on to a little bit of "normality". I hide myself behind sex with men, it makes me feel that supposed normality I guess. I'm just very confused."

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