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Am I Ready for Sex?


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Making a Decision
bored lesbian gay teens

bored lesbian gay teens

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The decision to have sex is a big one. A lot of teens feel physically ready for sex before they feel emotionally ready. As a result, the right time isn't always the first time the opportunity presents itself.

When you ask, "Am I ready for sex?," it's also important to remember that sex is more than penetration or oral sex. There are plenty of ways to be intimate with another person that might be more comfortable for you than having sex would be.

Some teens feel close and sexual with a partner by kissing, cuddling, sharing fantasies or giving and getting massages.

Deciding what activities you are and are not comfortable with before you get into a sexual situation can be really helpful in making sure you have a positive experience.

Ultimately, only you will know when the time is right. But how can you know? Asking yourself a few key questions is a great way to help you figure this out!

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