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How To Use a Dental Dam


How To Use a Dental Dam

A Glyde Dam

Image © Glyde USA

Did you know you could get STDs from oral sex? Luckily, you can reduce your risk by using a "dental" dam. Few people use actual dental dams any more, (there was a time when this was the only option)but the name has stuck.

Today you have more options. A good one is theGlyde dam which is the only barrier that has been approved for oral sex by the FDA.

Here's how to use one.

Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 5 minutes to figure out the basics. Longer to perfect.

Here's How:

  1. Take the dam out of the package. Be careful not to rip it.

  2. Make sure that your partner's vulva or anus is lubricated. This will help the dam stay in place better.

  3. Place the dam over the entire genital area. On a woman this will mean the dam is lying flat between her legs, over her whole vulva. If you are having analingus, (oral /anal contact) make sure the dam is covering the anus and surrounding area.

  4. Hold the dam in place and perform oral sex on top of it. The dam should act as a barrier between you mouth and your partner's genitals.

  5. Remove the dam, put it back in its package, and throw it in the garbage.


  1. Ask your partner to help hold the dam in place so it doesn't slip.

  2. You might find a flavored dam tastes better.

  3. Dams come in different sizes. Bigger dams are usually easier to work with.

  4. Dams are a one shot deal. Don't try to wash it and use it again, and don't try to flip it over. That would be defeating the purpose!

What You Need

  • A Glyde dam, dental dam, or saran wrap.
  • Lubricant.

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