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Is it Normal to Be Scared to Have Sex?




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Question: Is it Normal to Be Scared to Have Sex?
A gay teen says, "I've been with my boyfriend for a while, and he says he wants to have sex, but I'm scared. What if it hurts or he breaks up with me after? And if my parents find out they'll freak out."

It is totally normal for teens, both gay and straight to be scared to have sex. Sex is a big deal and it can bring up a lot of concerns. One way to be less afraid is to look at what is scaring you and clear up misinformation.

Of course, if you are really scared you might want to hold off before you become sexually active!

Am I Ready for Sex?

The decision to have sex is a big one. A lot of teens feel physically ready for sex before they feel emotionally ready. As a result, the right time isn't always the first time the opportunity presents itself. Read more...

What About STDs?

STD's are a real concern. But gay and lesbian teens can practice safer sex and help reduce their risk of contracting serious infections, including HIV. Read more...

Can I Get in Trouble for Having Sex?

Having sex underage can get you into trouble with the law (not to mention your parents). So it is important to know what is and is not legal before you make a decision. Read more...

The Pain Factor

No sex play should ever hurt! That includes anal sex. But any type of sex can feel uncomfortable if you don't do it right. If people decide to have anal sex, there are lots of ways to make sure that it is pleasurable for both partners. Read more...

The First Time

A lot of people have an idealized viion of "the first time" in their head. But if you give up the notion that the first time is supposed to be perfect, sex will probably be a lot more enjoyable. Read more...

How Will it Affect the Relationship

It's true sex can change a relationship. That's why it's generally best to make sure teens are in healthy relationships before having sex. Read more...

The decision to have sex is a big one! Hopefully having more information will help you make the choice that is right for you!

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