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I'm a Gay Teen, Is My Penis Size Normal?

A Lot of Guys Worry About Penis SIze


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Question: I'm a Gay Teen, Is My Penis Size Normal?

A lot of guys worry about penis size. Most because they fear they are on the smaller side!

Recently, a teen posed this question on the community forum, "I have a 5 1/2 inch penis. I want honest opinions from people. Big, small, average?"


A lot of teens, both gay and straight, wonder if their penis is a normal size. Usually, the answer is yes.

According to Planned Parenthood:

Most adult erect ("hard") penises are between five and seven inches long. Also, the size of a guy's penis when it's flaccid ("soft") doesn't really have anything to do with what it will be like when it's erect. Smaller flaccid penises tend to grow more during an erection than penises that are larger when they're soft.

Though it can be hard to remember when we are bombarded by messages telling us that bigger is better, but not everyone prefers a partner with a huge penis! And having a big penis doesn't automatically make someone a better sex partner. In fact, some teens worry that a if they are on the larger side, that their penis might be too big to have sex comfortably. 

There are many things that people find attractive and sexy, and the size of the penis is just one.

Of course, penis size is just one thing guys may question about their penises.  If you are not sure if you are circumcised or not, rest assured, plenty of other guys are just as confused! Curious about those erections that seem to have a mind of their own? Yep, so are half your classmates! But here's the thing, though some questions can apply to anyone with this organ, other questions maybe more gay-specific. For example, a gay teen may compare his penis to his partner's and worry if his looks different.  That can definitely be an issue when it comes to penis size. But even if your partner has a bigger penis than you, it is pretty likely that he isn't thinking nearly as much about this as you are. 

But whatever your concern, rest assured, it is likely someone else has had a similar question at some point. As About's Sexuality Expert reminds us, 

"Penis size is determined entirely by factors out of our control. Yet penis size may be the single greatest cause of anxiety for men young and old. Questions about penis size abound; What’s the average penis size? Can I increase my penis size? Does penis size matter as much as I think it does? Some of these questions have easy answers, most of them don’t. What can safely be said is that concern about penis size is almost always misguided. Great sex is much more than the sum (or length) of its parts. Hopefully learning more about what researchers and regular folks have to say about penis size may help more men understand that."



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