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Can a Gay Person Be Celibate?


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Question: Can a Gay Person Be Celibate?

Despite the association of gay people with sex, plenty of folks in the the GLBT community choose not to have sex and instead be celibate. So what does that mean? Dictonary.com defines the word celibate as, "a person who abstains from sexual relations."

Sometimes people use the word, "abstinent" in the same way, however, people can choose to abstain (or not participate) in a lot of different things. Celibacy, on the other hand, always refers to sex.

There are a million reasons GLBT people may choose not to have sex. These may include:

  • Not feeling ready.
  • As a form of safe sex and protection from infection.
  • Not being in a serious relationship.
  • Personal beliefs.

Being GLBT is about much more than simply who you choose to have sex with. But sometimes people act as if a person can't "really" be gay if they aren't sexually active. When you think about it, that doesn't make any sense!

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