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Do All Gay Men Have Anal Sex ?


Question: Do All Gay Men Have Anal Sex ?

A lot of people assume that all gay men have anal sex and that there isn't really anything else for them to do sexually but that just isn't the case!


When it comes to same sex sex practices, a lot of folks have a pretty limited idea of what goes on between the sheets. Many people assume that all gay guys have anal sex. And while plenty of gay guys enjoy anal, a whole lot of others don't.  Anal sex is not a requirement of being a gay man and being a gay man does not mean you have to like anal sex! 

Some gay guys just aren't into anal. They might enjoy oral sex with a partner, mutual masturbation, body rubbing or role play.

Just as with any group of people, there is a huge range of sexual activity that gay men participate in, including being celibate and not having sex at all!

There are a lot of reasons a gay or bisexual man might not have anal sex with a partner. These can include everything from concerns over STD's and HIV to worries about pain or discomfort, to lack of interest.  

Then there are reasons that are less common. As one teen writes, 

"I need help. I am bi and i am very concerned about my future, mainly, anal sex. I just don't know if I can bring my self to do it. Part of me wants to, but then part knows the health risks. Anal cancer is very frightening. I need help, I just don't understand anal cancer at all."

This guy should know that most anal cancers are caused by the HPV virus. These days, boys can get vaccinated against HPV. But even in a boy doesn't get vaccinated, he can help protect himself from HPV by using a condom and by getting regular anal pap smears. 

Still anal sex might just not be something that appeals to this guy. 

That wouldn't be at all uncommon!  In fact a 2011 study of gay men found that anal sex is the least common form sexual activity between males.

Researchers from George Mason University, Indiana University and the OLB Research Institute at Online Buddies, Inc., found 1,308 unique combinations of behaviors that men engage in with each other.  The study was conducted online involving a 24,787 gay and bisexual men. It found that,

"Only 37.2 percent of men who participated in the study reported having anal sex during their last encounters. The most frequent sexual behavior reported was kissing – 74.5 percent. The second-most popular behavior was oral sex (72.7 percent), followed by partnered masturbation (68.4 percent). The study also found that more than 40 percent of participants were having sexual relations with someone they were either committed to or dating. A similar study of heterosexual men that found just over 50 percent reported their last sexual partner was someone they were committed to."


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