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All About Anal Sex

Here's What You Need to Know About Feeling Good & Staying Safe




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When it comes to sex, a lot of people are in the dark. When it comes to anal sex, the cluelessness almost doubles. So increase your knowledge about this common sex practice by checking out the information below!

  1. 5 Myths About Anal Sex

    Will anal sex leave you in adult diapers, be gross, or hurt a lot? Is it only something gay men do? Does it even feel good? See if you can separate fact from fiction. Read More... 

  2. Do All Gay Men Have Anal Sex?

    A lot of folks have a pretty limited idea of what goes on between the sheets when the couple is the same sex. As a result, many people assume that all gay guys have anal sex. And while plenty of gay guys do enjoy anal, a whole lot of others don't! Read More...

  3. Does Anal Sex Hurt?

    There are a lot of negative associations with anal sex. Some of these have to do with homophobia and the association of anal sex with gay men. Some have to do with our culture's discomfort with the anus. Some have to do with the assumption that anal sex hurts. Read More...

  4. Is Anal Sex Dangerous?

    When done correctly, anal sex is not "dangerous." Though you might have heard horror stories about people who can't control their bowels after anal sex and end up in adult diapers, this is a myth. Read More...

  5. What is Barebacking?

    Barebacking refers to unprotected anal sex between gay men. Many people are confused that this practice exists when, not too long ago, the gay community was devastated by the effects of AIDS. Read More...

  6. Are STDs More Likely From "Gay Sex?"

    Twenty years after the advent of AIDS, gay men are still affected by the prejudicial assumption that sex between men inherently poses a greater risk for STDs than does sex between a man and a woman, even though unprotected anal sex and unprotected vaginal sex both put people at risk for STDs. Read More...

  7. What Are Sodomy Laws?

    People often assume the term sodomy refers to anal sex between men. In fact, sodomy is an old term that was used Biblically to refer to oral and anal sex between any two people. In modern history is has been used in a legal context to prohibit certain sex acts, including anal sex, oral sex and even sex between people and animals. Many places still have sodomy laws on the books. Read More...

  8. Irrational Anal Sex Fears

Anal sex is perfectly normal.  But that can be hard to remember since there are so many negative associations with this sex practice. Some of these have to do with homophobia and the association of anal sex with gay men. Some have to do with our culture's discomfort with the anus. Some have to do with the assumption that anal sex hurts. Read more...

Anal sex is probably one of the more stigmatized sex acts. The decision to have anal sex is a personal one and it is not a sex practice that will appeal to everyone. That is true if you are a gay man, a lesbian woman, or a straight couple. But if people do decide to have anal sex, being informed can help the experience be a safer and more enjoyable one for everyone. 

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