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Sexuality for GLBT Teens

Sexuality is an important part of our lives. Whether or not someone chooses to be sexually active it is important to have accurate information on things like safer sex, sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, and sexual expression.
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Gay & Lesbian Teens Talk About Sex
Sex is a big issue for a lot of gay and lesbian teens. Here some GLBT teens share their experiences.

Gay Teen Sexuality
When it comes to GLBT teen sexuality it is important for young people to have accurate information on everything from dating to safer sex, and STDs.

Q & A With the Author of, "Doing It Right"
An interview with the author of the book, "Doing It Right: Making Smart, Safe, and Satisfying Choices About Sex."

Scenarios USA Sex Education Films
Scenarios USA creates sex education films written by teens and directed and produced by professionals with Hollywood credentials.

Teen Sex
Whether you are gay or straight, it is important to know some facts about teen sex

Check out a site that promises, "Sex Ed for the Real World."

Are You Ready for Your Gay Lesbian Sex Experience?
Gay teens who are thinking about their first sexual experience with a male partner often have a lot of concerns.

Gay Teen Sex Regrets
Though a lot of teens have really positive experiences with sex, others have sex that leaves them feeling sad, or embarrassed or ashamed. There are a lot of reasons that this can happen for GLBT teens.

Should "Slut" Be Considered a "Four Letter Word?"
Have you ever been called a slut? Have you ever used this term against someone else? If so you aren't alone. A lot of people use the word slut very casually. But as casual as it might seem, slut is a four letter word that packs quite a punch!

How Do I Have Sex With an FTM Partner?
A teen is concerned about having sex with her FTM partner for the first time and asks for advice.

Let's Talk About Sex: Film Review
Lets Talk About Sex is a film by director, James Houston, and the organization, Advocates for Youth, which explores the harm caused by American's inability to talk about sex openly with teenagers.

Midwest Teen Sex Show Review
A review of the Midwest Teen Sex Show.

GLBT Teens Want to Know: Should You Be in Love to Have Sex?
Is it important to be in love before having sex? For a lot of gay teens the answer is yes. But for others, love and sex don't always have to go hand in hand.

Should You Be in Love to Have Sex - GLBT Teens Discuss if You Should Be in...
Is it important to be in love before having sex? For a lot of gay teens the answer is yes. But for others, love and sex don't always have to go hand in hand.

Is it Wise for a Gay Teen to Date an Older Guy?
A 15-year-old gay teen has a crush on a guy in his twenties and wonders if pursuing something is a good idea. Unfortunately, doing so could get the older partner in trouble if he breaks statutory rape laws, and it could be tough for the younger partner if there is an uneven power balance.

The Truth About Teen Sex
Many adults assume that it is always dangerous for teens to have sex. New research shows that this isn't always the case!

The Dangers of Mixing Sex and Drinking: Consent and Rape
It is common for teens to mix sex with alcohol, but doing so can cause a lot of problems and make it more likely for a teen to be involved in a sexual assault.

Gay Teens Alcohol and Sex: Performance and Safe Sex
Though a lot of GLBT teens drink alcohol before having sex out of nervousness or fear, being drunk can actually make sex riskier and less enjoyable.

What Lesbian Teens Should Know About Oral Sex
Oral sex refers to sexual contact between mouth and genitals. On a woman this is called cunnilingus and it is a type of sex that many lesbian teens are curious about.

Porn Problems
Here's what teens should know about the difference between porn sex and sex in real life.

If a Straight Boy is Raped by a Man Can That Make Him Gay?
Despite what some people think, if a straight boy is raped by a man that won't change his sexual orientation.

What Are Friends With Benefits?
Some gay, lesbian and bisexual teens see the upside of being "friends with benefits." Others think this is a bad idea.

All About Making Out
Even if it doesn't go much further than kissing, there are a lot of things that GLBT teens should know about making out.

A Short History of Sex Education in the United States
The history of sex education in America covers pushed for styles like abstinence-only and comprehensive sex education.

Should I Use a Condom for Oral Sex?
It is wise to use a condom for oral sex because STDs can be transmitted in this way.

How Low Self Esteem Affects Gay Teen Sexuality
Low self esteem can cause GLBT teens to make poor choices sexually.

All About Oral Sex for GLBT Teens
Here is what GLBT teens need to know about oral sex.

Gay Teens and Sex Work
GLBT teens may find themselves involved in prostitution for a variety of reasons.

What is Slut Shaming?

Sexual Performance Problems and Gay Teens
Sexually active gay teens can sometimes have problems with sexual performance. Here are some of the reasons behind this.

Dealing With Sexual Roadblocks for Guys

Can Your Penis Be too Big for Sex?
If your partner has a big penis, you should still be able to have comfortable sex.

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