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What Gay Teens Need to Know About Sex Education


Gay teens are often left out of sex education. But there are ways to get information if you know where to look!

1. 5 Things Gay Teens Should Know About Sex Education

sex education
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Like all teens, gay teens may get sex education in school. But depending on where you live sex education will vary greatly! Find out the five most important things for gay teens to learn about sex education.

2. Sex Education & the REAL Act

WHite House
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In 1996 the Clinton administration introduced the idea of abstinence-only education. When Bush took office in 2000, he massively expanded the program. As a result teens have been subject to a lot of inaccurate propaganda. Finally, politicians noticed and in 2007, legislators introduced a sex education bill called the REAL Act that could actually help teens stay safe.

3. How Abstinence Education Leaves Out Gay Teens

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Abstinence education is a federally funded program that runs in schools around the country. In addition to ignoring information about condoms, birth control and sexual expression, it excludes gay teens and teaches that the only place to have sex is in a heterosexual marriage.

4. The Midwest Teen Sex Show

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No doubt, the Midwest Teen Sex Show is funny. It is also borderline inappropriate. But as long as you aren't easily offended, and take what you are seeing as satire, then you'll probably get a kick out of these sex education podcasts.

5. Scenarios USA Sex Education Films

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The Scenarios USA films are an important contribution to the availiable media addressing issues like sexual orientation, sexually transmitted infections, eating disorders, and teen pregnancy.

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