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What Are Gay Proms?


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Gay Prom

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Gay proms are events put on by GLBT groups to give gay youth a chance to experience prom.

This is important because a lot of GLBT teens aren't able to go to their own proms.

Some fear harassment. Others are told by their schools that they cannot attend with a same sex date.

This still occurs, despite the fact that at American public schools, gay teens actually have a legal right to bring a same sex date to prom and to other school events.

Unfortunately, not all schools adhere to this legislation, and hearing from your principal that you can't bring the date of your choosing can be pretty intimidating.

One of the first gay proms occurred in the mid-nineties in Northern California. These days the Lambda Youth Project continues to sponsor the event in that part of the country.

But you don't have to live in California to go to a gay prom! Similar dances can also be found on many college campuses, and some are put on by GLBT community centers and youth groups.

In an interview with the Indiana newspaper, the Evansville Courier & Press, gay prom attendee, 19-year-old Aaron Stofleth said he is going to the dance because:

"It's just fun, PG-13 craziness...It lets us dress up and meet new people. It helps to know you're not alone."

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