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GSA, Key West


GSA, Key West


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Every Gay / Straight Alliance is a little different. The GSA of Key West, Florida throws parties, rallies behind AIDS causes and fights anti-gay bullying. On their MySpace page they describe a typical meeting.

"A few weeks ago a subject was brought up at our GSA meeting. We were informed that a school in Florida had tried to start a GSA. The hope of creating a place where gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual students could speak about their troubles, be accepted for who they are, and help bring about a change in sex based hate crimes, prejudices, and phobias, was denied."

Emi, an 11th grader who identifies as straight, answers some questions about what life is like at her GSA.

Was there a GSA at your school before you became involved?

No,this is the first year our school has had a GSA.

What has the reaction to the GSA been like from the administration?

The administration has been very helpful with the creation of out club. We are lucky to be in such an accepting environment.

What has the reaction been like from the other students?

Many Students have been very open to the idea of GSA, however some students believe we only [exist] for the promotion of homosexuality. I have been confronted [and told I] was a "gay lover" and called a lesbian, even though I am straight.

How many members are in your GSA?

Approximately, 40-50.

What has been the most challenging aspect of being a part of your GSA?

Because this is our first year, we've spent a lot of time just creating bylaws for our club.

What kind of events or activities have you held?

We've done several fund raisers like community car washes. But We also assisted AIDS Help of Key West with surveys taken from High School students about their knowledge of AIDS. These Surveys will help with educating our High School's population.

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