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5 Things Gay Students Should Think About When Applying to College


5 Things Gay Students Should Think About When Applying to College

Gay Friendly Student Housing at the University of Vermont

Image (c) Jordan Silverman

If you are gay and applying to college, there are a few things besides academics that are important to consider to ensure that you have a positive experience.

Here are five:

  1. Finding a Gay-Friendly College.

    Whether you felt accepted in high school or not, making sure you are somewhere welcoming for the next four years is crucial. It is also more possible than ever before thanks to GLBT-friendly policies at schools and helpful guides and websites that can point you in the right direction. Read more...

  2. GLBT Community.

    Do you want a college with an active gay community? Are you interested in GLBT student groups, GSA's or even gay fraternities? All of these things are available and usually you can find out what kind of gay community life your school offers simply by checking out their website. Read more...

  3. Dorm Life.

    More and more colleges now provide gender-neutral housing for their students. This type of housing is designed to be safe and inclusive for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students. Read more...

  4. Coming Out in College.

    A lot of people decide to come out in college. Often it's a really good experience. But just like coming out at any time, it's one that you should give some thought to. Read more...

  5. Scholarships and Financial Aid.

    Sometimes it can be hard for gay college students to pay for school. This may be particularly true if your family has kicked you out for being gay, or if they have cut you off financially. Luckily, there are actually organizations dedicated to helping qualified GLBT students financially. Read more...

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