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School Life

School life takes up a good chunk of your day whether you are in middle school, high school or college. For many GLBT teens school is a fun, enriching experience. Others, however, face harassment and homophobia. Starting Gay Straight Alliances and identifying allies can be a great way to create a safe environment.
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How Should Gay Teens Handle the Locker Room?
Teens often worry about how being gay will impact getting changed in a high school locker room.

Introducting the First GLBTQ Online High School
Opened in January 2010, GLBTQ Online is just what it sounds like: a high school conducted entirely over the Internet and designed for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning students.

The Gay Lesbian Straight Education Netork (GLSEN)
The Gay Lesbian Straight Education Netork (GLSEN) provides support and information for gay students.

What Teens Need to Know About Anti-Gay Bullying
Anti-gay bullying is far too common. In fact, the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network reports that nine out of ten GLBT students have been bullied for their sexual orientation or gender identity! Whether it is in person, or online, gay teens deserve to live their lives without harassment.

Peer Education
Peer education is a great way to reach teens about issues including seuxal orientation and sexuality. Here is some information on this style of teaching for gay teens.

What Gay Teens Need to Know About Sex Education
Gay teens are often left out of sex education. But there are ways to get information if you know where to look!

5 Things Gay Teens Should Know About Sex Education
Sex education has gone through a lot of changes over the years. Here's what gay teens should know about it.

Can I Bring My Same Gender Partner to Prom?
Information for GLBT teens on bringing partners to prom.

Day of Silence Experinces
Here are two teens different experinces at their schools' Day of Silence.

Gay Proms -- What Are They?
Gay proms are events put on by GLBT groups to give gay youth a chance to experience prom.

Teens Experiences Being Gay in School
School is a big part of teens' lives. Here are some gay teens experiences with school life.

How Abstinence Education Leaves Out Gay Teens
Abstinence education is a federally funded program that runs in schools around the country. It excludes gay teens and teaches that the only place to have sex is in a heterosexual marriage.

Is There a Need for a Gay High School?
Though some people fear teens who attend gay high schools will become isolated, for those who have the chance, the experince is often very positive.

Know Your Rights At School
Gay teens should be protected under the law just like anyone else. But sometimes the rights of GLBT students are not respected. Luckily, the American Civil Liberties Union runs something called the LGBT Project's Youth & Schools program to address gay teen rights.

The Dress Code Mess
A lot of schools have dress codes. Here's how they affect GLBT teens.

Safe Schools Coalition
The Safe Schools Coalition is an organization devoted to making schools safe for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth.

Hetrick Martin Institute
The Hetrick Martin Institute is the home of the Harvey Milk high school. This public school is devoted to providing education to at-risk youth, particularly those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning.

The Point Foundation
The Point Foundation grants scholarships to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) students for college.

GLBT Websites and Internet Censorship at School
Despite the fact that it is illegal some schools censor GLBT websites by using Internet filters.

How Can You Get Help When Teachers Are the Anti-Gay Bullies?
We often hear about kids getting bullied in school by their peers, but what should you do if the anti-gay bullying and harassment is coming from a teacher?

What GLBT Teens Need to Know About Prom
For a lot of GLBT teens, prom isn't just a dance. For far too many, it is a reminder that they are not treated equally at school. Many teens are still told by their schools that they cannot bring a same sex date to school. Whether a school is legally allowed to do this (as private schools are), or not, (as in the case of public schools), having...

"Why Am I Gay?" and Other Real Teen Questions About GLBT Life
Teens have a lot of questions about GLBT life, like "Why am I gay?" and "What is a bisexual?" Here are some real questions, collected from middle, high school and college students.

Sex Education Styles Vary
Depending on what kind of sex education you get, say comprehensive sex education or abstinence-only sex education, then your knowledge and health outcomes might really differ.

5 School Dance Tips for Gay Teens
Proms and school dances can be nerve wracking for GLBT teens. Here's how to handle your first school dance.

A Short History of Sex Education in the United States
The history of sex education in America covers pushed for styles like abstinence-only and comprehensive sex education.

How Can I Change My Bad Reputation at School?
A gay teen with a bad reputation wants to stop being seen as a "bad kid."

What if My Teacher Outs Me as Bisexual?
A teen worries about being outed as bisexual at school.

When There Are Rumors About You Being Gay
How do you deal with rumors that you are gay if those rumors are true but you aren't ready to be out yet?

How to Get Sex Edcuation in Your School
Sex ed. is a crucial aspect of teen health. Being an LGBT teen can be hard enough. The last thing you need is a sex ed class that not only deprives you of life saving information, but which also ignores your existence or acts as if there is something wrong with you! Taking charge and making it happen can be a great thing to do personally and for your community. Here are some ways to make happen.

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