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What Causes Homophobia?


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Question: What Causes Homophobia?

There are many different causes of homophobia. One is negative messages some people get about being gay from family, society and religion.

Another is their beliefs about the causes of sexual orientation.

A recent Gallup Poll found that more people than ever believe that sexual orientation is born, not learned.

The poll revealed that tolerance and support for GLBT rights are higher in those who believe that sexual orientation is not a choice.

In fact, among the respondents who believed people are born gay or lesbian, 78% answered "yes" to the question, "Should homosexuality be considered an acceptable alternative lifestyle?" Only 30% of the respondents who believed that sexual orientation is a result of upbringing and environment answered "yes" to the same question.

As a result, tolerance for gay-rights is at its highest ever. Unfortunately, a lot of people still seem to think that if being gay is a choice, then it is a negative one.

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