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Studies Confirm Gay Kids Bullied More Than Straight Peers

Science Backs UP What a Lot of You Know


no bully zone

no bully zone

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I guess I should be thankful that people are taking the issue of anti-gay bullying seriously. But at this point, is there still anyone who isn't aware that gay kids are bullied more than are their straight classmates?

"Homo" and "fag" are some of the most common insults used across America. People toss around a causal "that's so gay" to put down anything they think is uncool. And as a lot of you know, if someone is known (or even thought) to be gay, in plenty of schools, the climate can go from unpleasant to downright dangerous.

There have, of course, been a number of studies about this in the past. Notably, ">GLSEN found that nearly 90% of GLBT teens are victims of harassment.

Now another study can add some information to this issue. This study, conducted by doctors at Nationwide Children's Hospital has found that gay, lesbian and bisexual teens "are bullied two to three times more than heterosexuals."

They also found that the situation is even worse for GLBT minority teens who "are more vulnerable to a variety of physical and mental domains such as bullying or suicidal thoughts."

Despite the fact that most of us realize that gay kids are disproportionately bullied, the same can't be said for the general public. So it is actually really important that the research community is taking time to address this very real problem.

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