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Where Can Gay Teens Get STD Tests?


Question: Where Can Gay Teens Get STD Tests?

Gay teens who are sexually active need to get tested regularly for STD's even if they are practicing safe sex by using condom or dams!


Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender teens can can get STD tests a number of different ways, including through a family doctor, teen clinic or department of health.

If you think you might have put yourself at risk for an STD, it is really important to get tested and if needed, treated as soon as possible. If you decide to visit a clinic, you'll need to find one in your area. City and state Departments of Health often offer free or low cost HIV and STD testing. You can look in the phone book, or online, for "teen clinics," "health clinics," or "HIV testing sites."

You can also find a place that does testing in your area by entering your zip code at the CDC's National HIV and STD Testing Resources website.

If your town has one, a Planned Parenthood health center is another good option. They can be reached at 1-800-230-PLAN or online.

Some cities even have GLBT friendly health centers. Some are free standing and some are found within GLBT Community Centers. Here are a few:

Your closest GLBT community center will also be able to put you in touch with GLBT-friendly local resources!

Have you ever been tested for an STD? You can share your reasons why or why not here.

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