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Are STDs More Likely From "Gay Sex?"


Are STDs More Likely From
Question: Are STDs More Likely From "Gay Sex?"

Over thirty years after the advent of AIDS, gay men are still affected by the prejudicial assumption that sex between men inherently poses a greater risk for STDs than does sex between a man and a woman.


You might have heard someone say, "Gay sex is more risky for STD's than straight sex." I know I've heard this, but I also know that this is not an accurate statement.

Certain sex acts do pose a greater risk for the transmission of infection than others. But here is the important thing to keep in mind: None of these acts are limited to GLBT individuals.

According to the New York City Department of Health:

Unprotected anal sex is the greatest sexual risk for spreading HIV. Receptive anal intercourse is 5 times riskier than receptive vaginal intercourse and 50 times riskier than receptive oral sex. Insertive anal or vaginal intercourse is 10 times riskier than insertive oral sex. Oral sex is less risky than other penetrative sexual activities, but is not without risk for both partners.

More than worrying about whether one person is more likely to transmit or contract an infection than another, a better bet would be to consistently practice safe sex and get tested for infections on a regular basis.

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