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What is the Best Condom?


What is the Best Condom?
Question: What is the Best Condom?

One of the most common sex questions isn't about how to do something sexual. It is actually about what kind of product to use when having sex. Yup, what a lot of gay teens really want to know is, "What is the best condom? Is it Trojan? Durex? Lifestyles?" Here's the thing: while people might have personal preferences, the answer about which condom is number one, isn't totally straightforward.


Gay teens often ask, "what is the best condom?" In most cases, the answer is, as long as you use the condom properly, there isn't one particular brand that is the best.

According to Consumer Reports:

"Our latest tests of 20 latex condoms found that all of them met our minimum criteria for reliability, but some proved stronger than others. We inflate condoms until they burst and record the volume and pressure. To assess reliability, we look at the number of samples that meet minimum criteria for volume and pressure. For our more stringent strength measure, we count the number of samples that hold 25 liters or more. That's when more differences occur. One Durex, two Lifestyles, and four Trojan models had no failures. We also use submersion tests to look for indications of leaks in the condom or its packaging. One had many more samples with rough or partially damaged rings at the opening, and one product exceeded our criterion for the number of samples with holes."

It is important for sexually active gay teens to practice safe sex for anal, oral or vaginal sex. But you should rest assured that any latex condom that has not yet reached its expiry date will generally do a good job at keeping you safe as long as you use it properly.

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