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Can You Get AIDS from Kissing?


lesbian teens kissing
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Question: Can You Get AIDS from Kissing?
Teens often want to know if AIDS can be passed through kissing. In general, the answer is no.

HIV is the virus that causes the disease, AIDS. The only way to get HIV is if you get certain body fluids of a person with HIV into your own body.

These fluids include:

  • Blood
  • Semen
  • Vaginal Fluids
  • Breast milk (from a mother to a baby)
The most common ways teens get HIV is through unprotected vaginal and anal sex and through sharing needles. Oral sex performed on a man is considered a low risk activity for contracting HIV.

Kissing on the other hand is usually considered safe as saliva does not pass HIV.

However, as About's Guide to AIDS explains:

Open-mouth kissing is considered a very low-risk activity for the transmission of HIV. However, prolonged open-mouth kissing could damage the mouth or lips and allow HIV to pass from an infected person to a partner and then enter the body through cuts or sores in the mouth.

Even so, this would be incrediably rare and kissing is not usually considered a risky activity.

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