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Why Do Condoms Break and How Can You Prevent a Condom from Breaking?


Rolled Colored Condoms

Rolled Colored Condoms

Question: Why Do Condoms Break and How Can You Prevent a Condom from Breaking?
Condoms break for a lot of reasons, but there are actually some pretty easy ways to prevent a condom from breaking.

In addition to the freak out that you might be having if a condom breaks, you might also wonder why it broke in the first place. A lot of people assume there was something wrong with the condom to begin with, or they blame a manufacturer's defect. But usually the problem is due to something a lot more easy to control: human error.

Here are some of the most common condom mistakes people make:

  • Letting a condom get dry. If a condoms dries out, it can snap due to friction. Prevent this by making sure to always use a water-based personal sexual lubricant.
  • Using the wrong kind of lube. Most condoms are made out of latex. Make sure never to use an oil-based lubricant with a latex condom. Some products that have oil in them include Vaseline, moisturizer, hand cream and massage lotion.
  • Using a condom after it expires. Just like milk, condoms can go bad. Luckily, all condoms have a use by date stamped on the package. Make sure to always check this and never use a condom after it has expired.
  • Putting the condom on wrong. While it might seem like a no-brainer, a lot of people just don't use condoms properly. A good rule of thumb is to leave room in the tip of the condom to collect ejaculate, and to smooth the condom all the way down the shaft of the penis making sure it is unrolled to the base and doesn't have air bubbles.

Though it might seem like there are a lot of things to remember, once you get the hang of it, it really isn't hard to prevent a condom from breaking!

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