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Should I Use Lube During Sex?


got lube

Got Lube?

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Question: Should I Use Lube During Sex?
A really good tool that you can use to make sex play both safer and more pleasurable is a personal lube or lubricant.

A personal lube or lubricant is an artificial gel used during sex play. There are many reasons for using lube. Lube can:

  • make safer sex safer and help prevent a condom from breaking.
  • make sex more pleasurable by reducing friction.
  • help prevent pain associated with vaginal or anal dryness.

There are different types of lube. If you are using latex condoms for sex, it is important to use a water-based lube. Never use an oil-based lube with condoms, since they can actually cause a latex condom to break.

You might see an oil-based lube sold along side water-based lubes. Some people choose to use household products as lube. This isn't always a great idea since things like Vaseline, moisturizer, hand cream and massage lotion often have oil in them. Even if you aren't using condoms, you want to be really careful about using some of these products as sexual lubricants because they might have perfumes or other irritants that can cause discomfort and even infections.

Some people think that using an artificial lube is "unnatural." Others find it embarrassing to purchase lubricants. But for sexually active teens, lube is almost as important as the more commonly discussed tools of safer sex.

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