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GLBT Teen Rights and Activism

There are many ways that GLBT teens can make their voices heard. Starting a GSA, speaking out about heterosexual privilege and participating in Gay Pride activities are a just a few.

Is Gay Sex Illegal?
There is a lot of confusion over the legality of "gay sex," or any sex between same sex partners. Though the federal sodomy laws were repealed in 2003, in America, some states still have language on the books that criminalizes gay sex.

What is the REAL Act?
In 1996 the Clinton administration introduced the idea of abstinence-only education. When Bush took office in 2000, he massively expanded the program. As a result teens have been subject to a lot of inaccurate propaganda. Though it has been stalled in committee for years, if it passes, a sex education bill called the REAL Act could actually help teens stay safe.

Which Equal Rights are Denied to Gay People
Learn which equal rights are still denied to gay people.

Adovocates For Youth Fights For Teen Rights
Advocates For Youth fights for reproductive and sexual health through education and advocacy.

Gay Teen Rights
Gay teens should be protected under the law just like anyone else. But sometimes the rights of GLBT students are not respected. Luckily, the American Civil Liberties Union runs something called the LGBT Project's Youth & Schools program to address gay teen rights.

Harvey Milk
Harvey Milk was the first gay man to be elected to a political position. He was murdered a year into his term.

Is Sexual Orientation Protected by Hate Crime Laws?
Federal hate crime laws do include sexual orientation. However, only 24 states have laws specifically protecting sexual orientation under their hate crime laws.

Let the Boy Scouts of America Know How You Feel
The Boy Scouts of America do not allow gay troop leaders or scouts in their organization. It is important for them to hear that this is unacceptable discrimination.

Gay Rights and History
A wealth of information on historical and contemporary issues affecting gay rights from About's guide to gay life.

GLBT Campus Groups
here's a list of GLBT groups on American college campuses complied by the organization Human Rights Campaign.

A Lesbian Teen Activist's Story
Read the story of a lesbian teen activist in the magazine, Teen Voices.

Why GLBT Teens Should Care About Abortion and Reproductive Rights
There are many reasons why GLBT teens should care about abortion and reproductive rights.

What GLBT Teens Should Know About Feminism
For a lot of teens, feminism is practically another "f-word," something that they don't want to be associated with. But feminism is an important ideology and one that more teens, both GLBT and hetero, might embrace if they had a clearer understanding of what it is and what it isn't.

Should We All Be Fighting for Gay Marriage?
When the subject of gay rights comes up, most people assume that everyone in the GLBT community agrees that gay marriage is one of the most important issues. But some in the GLBT community do not believe that the fight for gay marriage is our most important issue.

What GLBT Teens Need to Know About Prom
For a lot of GLBT teens, prom isn't just a dance. For far too many, it is a reminder that they are not treated equally at school. Many teens are still told by their schools that they cannot bring a same sex date to school. Whether a school is legally allowed to do this (as private schools are), or not, (as in the case of public schools), having...

Which American States Allow Gay Marriage?
A few years ago, the idea that even one American state would allow gay marriage seemed pretty far fetched. Today we have six.

What Gay Teens Think About Gay Marriage
Even if they are too young to get married, gay teens have a lot of thoughts on the subject of same sex unions.

Am I the Only Gay Conservative Christian?
While much of the GLBT community subscribes to liberal views, there are plenty who don't. One gay conservative Christian teen, wonders if any other gay teens share his views.

What is Sexism?
Sexism hurts everyone, including GLBT teens.

Wins for GLBT Issues in 2012 Election
The US 2012 election saw many wins for GLBT issues.

Same-Sex Marriage
Same sex marriage is when two people of the same gender wed.

GLBT Teen Legal Rights
Teens are protected by the law like everyone else, but they can't always make their own legal decisions.

Tile IX is a law that passed in 1972. It requires gender equality for boys and girls in any educational program that receives money from the federal government. In 2014, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, determined that the law also bars discrimination on the basis of gender identity, which many have seen as a way to offer greater protections for transgender students.

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