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Resources for GLBT and Questioning Teens

Information and referrals for GLBT and questioning teens.
  1. Organizations Supporting GLBT Teens and Youth (21)

Need Info? Here's Where to Go on the Internet
If you are a GLBT teen, you probably know how important the Internet can be in answering questions about your sexual orientation or gender identity. For may gay teens it's the go to place for everything from health information, to finding emotional support, and meeting other GLBT teens. But did you know, you can also go to school online? Or find...

Activist Ideas for Gay Teens

Ever feel like you want to make changes in the lives of other gay teens? Or maybe make the world a better place for yourself? Here are five activist ideas for gay teens.

6 Groups Offering Gay Teens Support
There are a number of organizations that offer gay teens support. Some are created specifically for gay teens. Others serve all teens, with special projects geared towards GLBT youth.

Cutting & Self Injury Information for Gay Teens
Gay teens can face challenges. Some think that the only solution is cutting and other forms of self injury.

Sexual Assault and Rape
Gay teens can be victims of rape and sexual assault. Here's information on getting help.

Finding Support for Gay Teens
All teens need support, but sometimes it is tough for GLBT teens to find someone who has their back. Here are some ways that schools, friends, families, and organizations can provide support even if it isn't immediately apparent.

Straight Allies to GLBT Causes
From teens to well-known celebrities, people from all walks of life are standing up for GLBT rights.

How Adults Can Support Gay Kids
Here are some tips for adults who want to help GLBT teens.

Traditional homeless shelters and group homes are not always the right place...
Traditional homeless shelters and group homes are not always the right place (or even safe) for GLBT youth.

Straight Allies
There are many ways to be a straight ally to the GLBT community.

Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
PFLAG is a support and advocacy group for parents and friends of GLBT individuals.

Do the Boy Scouts Allow Gay Members?
After much resistance, the Boy Scouts of America have finally agreed to allow gay scouts.`

GLBT Youth in Foster Care

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