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Three Religions Take on Gay Issues


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Three Religions Take on Gay Issues
Three Religions Take on Gay Issues
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The relationship between religions like Islam, Judaism and Christianity and homosexuality can be complicated.

In modern times, there has been a lot of debate on this subject, and even members of the same religious groups often disagree on how their faith should view things like gay marriage and adoption by GLBT individuals.

For GLBT teens, the issue can be particularly complicated. If your family belongs to a religious group that opposes being gay, you might dread going to weekly services.

Some teens feel a lot of conflicts between wanting to remain part of their family's religious group and the fact that that group does not seem welcoming to gays. The author Alex Sanchez explores this very issue in his novel, The God Box.

It is important to realize that within Islam, Judaism and Christianity there are those who use their religions to justify discrimination against the GLBT community. But there are also groups within each of these religious traditions that welcome gay members.

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