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Gay Muslim Teen Coming Out Story


Female Muslim students, Egypt
Jeff Greenberg/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Many of the views on homosexuality in Islam come from interpretations of the Qua'ran, the prominent text of the Muslim faith. Others are based on writings of the prophet Muhammad.

Being gay is usually seem as forbidden by Islamic law and because of this there is often little tolerance for same sex relationships among strict Muslims.

But teens should also know that when it comes to this issue, things aren't always black and white!

Take the positive coming out experience of one Muslim teen who writes:

"I'll tell you what happened when I came out in a Muslim school. It wasn't hard, that much was true. Muslims were raised in their religion knowing that homosexuality was a sin, this made it all the harder for me to open up towards my friends and classmates. But I trusted myself and prepared for anything that they might have done to me, may it be physical or verbal abuse. I was going to deal with it. Turns out, when I popped the news towards them they were actually very supportive of me and were even curious as to learn more about homosexuality. I had spent days going through thoughts of what they would say and how I would respond towards it I just stressed myself for no reason at all."

Other Muslim teens thinking about coming out might want to get in touch with a group like Al-Fatiha Foundation, which, "promotes the progressive Islamic notions of peace, equality and justice [and] envision a world that is free from prejudice, injustice and discrimination, where all people are fully embraced and accepted into their faith, their families and their communities."

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